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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Samm, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Samm

    Samm New Member

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    Hello Everybody!
    I am quite new to the Scene and would be very thankful if you could be so kind as to share the methods of humiliation which you use with your slaves.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Jillian

    Jillian New Member

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    I begin humiliating my slave with simply caling him "slave" or by his number I gave him myself.
    One can also use for verbal abuse the words such "slut", "worthless", "ugly", "stupid", "whore", "bitch"...
    One can force a slave to ask permission for such things as using the toilet, or eating. I also humiliate my slave by letting him spend a very limited amount of money while his actual income allows him not to think about money at all.
    Specific rituals may also be humiliating for submissives, such as walking a pace behind the dominant female, asking for her permission to speak, to kneel while giving a drink to the Mistress or eating from the floor.
    Restrictions on clothing, wearing a collar, sissification or use of a chastity belt to the male slave can also be very humiliating.

  3. jackod

    jackod New Member

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    also being naked at all time at home,waiting on his kneess,at Mistress arrivall,to be dog train in the park and beach,regullar face slapping,later in public,invite girlfriends,introduce toilet service,etc,jack
  4. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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    My Mistress uses humiliation to remind me of her total ownership of me., a man should cringe when faced with the alternatives. Performing orally on her is hardly humiliating, after all I pay women to perform orally on them. Being presented with her filthy panties, and soiled tampons a used condom from her lover, occasionally forced to service a woman friends submissive male, a saucer of her pee, her favorite is pee cubes in my water bowl, , unsure who made them. forced to tongue clean up after myself, and cleaning her toilet bowl, in the most humiliating way.
  5. cruzangringa

    cruzangringa New Member

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    my master has many brothers and cousins and we live in a rural area. He passes me around when he's mad, o9r when i dont please him. 13 guys today, still going.
  6. GothDom

    GothDom New Member

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    I think that good lack of pleasure or denying orgasm is not only humiliating, but also punishment of sorts. I also like calling my Sub very degrading names like "bitch" or "cunt" or even refer ro her as a "Bad Dog". All of which degrading, humiliating, and even Very good at showing place
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  7. xukgirlx

    xukgirlx New Member

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    Being called names such as "slut" or "whore" is very degrading. As is being made to do dirty tasks such as cleaning the toilet after Master has used it. Another to really humiliate someone is to be degraded in front of other people x
  8. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    Well, i do not have any real experience, only in chat. My partner likes to be a bottom too, so we keep swinging:) He has some foot fetish too, so I usually make up things like cuffing his hands togeter behind his back, and making him take my heels off using his teeth, or applying cream on my feet, having to rub it in with his face. dunno if it would work for real, or how humiliating it would be. Though it may give you a better idea.
  9. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    Oh, i just remembered a few things that may be more interesting. Im really fond of anal plays, so my chat partner thing things up alonfg that line. i like the idea being blindfolded, having to keep my ass up in air, and he would stick things up, and i would have to guess what it was. Like the handle of a teethbrush, a spoon, eybrow-pincers, the handle of a brush, the enck of a bottle - as I would not see im scared what would come next, and he would make sure i fear something overly large would follow.As i could not guess all of them, he would "punish" me with an anal hook:D

    The other fav is "stolen" from one of the clips from the training of O. there a red circlice was drawn around the girls ass pussy and mouth, written on her butt: whore. They used lipstic. My partner keeps elling me (and make me go totally wet) He would write "insert here" on my butt pointing at my asshole, fill with sperm ower my publick region an arrow pointing at my pussy, "love to be fucked here" over my cheeks pointing at my mouth, and "My toy" on my forehead. He sais he would love to use an alcoholic pen.

    the last one is quite average i think. Like the idea having to take him deep in my mouth and having to say things with full mouth. Or me making him lick my asshole, sticking his tong in, making him say he likes it, while his tong is still burried.
  10. Magrathea

    Magrathea New Member

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    I wanna try having playtime "broadcast", Her friends watching me submit to Her. Her friends, watching Her tie my naked body up, watch Her whip me, bite me, force my to submit.
  11. olinda

    olinda New Member

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    the most humiliating thing I can think my owner has done with me is he had me use a litter box in front of his guest. This was done because I had humiliated him in front of 1 of his friends. so when he had a bunch of people over I was brought out naked crawling to the litter box and unplugged and told that I was to sit over the litter box go to the bathroom. He allowed his guest to take pictures as I did this. and once I was done I was left on display in the center of the room, with pens hooked to chains that were hooked to my nipples, so that his guest to draw and write on me. I was blindfolded and gaged so I have no idea who all was at the party, I know a few that was there because the pictures have surfaced, and they tell me to meow. This was also the first time he had ever used me in a public way.
  12. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Well, that has to be the hottest thing I've read in the last 6 months. :D
  13. f0rbidden

    f0rbidden New Member

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    i actually adore humiliation and have many fantasies about doing various things.
    Master uses humiliation at times, He would never refer to me as 'worthless' or 'stupid' but He does call me a slut, a whore, a dog, etc., in public as long as it's an adult environment.

    i have been made to put myself on display for Him at times, and of course, to crawl from one room to another, to wear only a top - so my ass is showing, to wear a skirt with no panties, to wear a tight shirt with an open-tip bra, etc.

    in my fantasies, i would be on display for other people as well, as Master and i have discussed this possibility at length! someday, i hope there is a time and a place where we may explore this possibility further.

  14. ericjover

    ericjover New Member

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    I'm a male submissive, and I love being called all sorts of names... such as a pervert, loser, pig... etc! Even though my cock isn't small, I love receiving small penis insults. These are such a turn-on to me!
  15. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    Mistress Taryn implements various humiliating things to remind me of my status.
    -While at home, i am required to be naked aside from my slave collar, butt-plug harness, and chastity belt (Unless a vanilla guest or close friends/family are visiting).
    -As a constant reminder of my status, Mistress keeps me permanently plugged. i sleep and go to work plugged. It isn't too bad, as i personally enjoy that type of play, however, it is humiliating that my plug is locked in place so that it is never removed without permission. The harness gets unlocked twice per day, which required me to adjust to a regular bathroom use schedule.
    -Upon request, i am subject to being lent out to one of Mistress' close friends for service.
    -In public, i am to speak only when spoken to and may only address my Mistress properly as 'Mistress Taryn,' should either word be omitted, i am punished accordingly at home. i am also required to refrain from excessive eye contact with other women.
    -i am granted to have an orgasm every other month or so, so essentially only on special occasions. Mistress milks me a few times a month to keep everything in working order. Having an ejaculation without pleasure is pretty much humiliating beyond words. Every now and then, Mistress will unlock my CB and tease me. Should i cum, i have quite a bit of hell to pay.
    -Whenever Mistress chooses to engage in regular vanilla intercourse, i am required to pleasure Her and may not cum until after She does. While i am able to do this regularly now, it took a lot of patience and training!
    Humiliation can be bittersweet. While it is sometimes painful and frustrating, it pleases my Mistress to see such obedience from me. Without humiliation playing a factor, i find it hard to imagine myself half as dedicated and obedient.
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