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    I am an experienced Dominant who used the BDSM lifestyle in the past, to help submissive or slave woman in achieving their aims and desires. I am the person in their life’s, who provides the strong influence, positive reassurance and punishment for transgression acts.

    I have helped or attempted to, students, house wife’s, mother’s, professional woman. With different woman, they required help for different things. Help with their diets/weight loss, better organization skills, getting work, procrastination, giving up smoking etc.

    The hard part of this relationship is with you. You have to do most of the work to change yourself. I can only do so much to help you, like offering your support and structure, reinforce or put into place different methods in your life to achieve your aims. I will be there to support you, through the good and bad. To know that there is someone there, who knows everything about yourself. Somebody you can talk to, about anything without the fear of holding it back. To know that any negative actions will be punished. Yet with any punishments, it is only as good if you understand the reason why you received it, and with us both working to make sure that you do not repeat the negative actions.

    I can guarantee that I will not be easy on you. I will push you has hard, as I think that you can cope with. Make you look at your life, and change it for the better in the long run. This relationship is for the long term, and not a miracle pill. For me to even consider forming this relationship with you, I need to see from the start. That you have got the commitment that is required. I have heard all the excuses before, and that have not stopped me from attempting to help the woman to a point. The only things that made me give up, is if they do not show me that they can break out the negative circle that they were in.

    This relationship is only done online, and through instant messaging and emails. If you are interested in this type of relationship, when you contact me. Please tell me more about yourself and what you would like help with. It does help me a lot, if you also give me a bit of history about what you have attempted to do in the past to achieve your aims.

    With some of these woman, I along side with the help that I was giving them. We also formed a Dominant and submissive/slave relationship too.

    You can contact me through PM’s or at (Same Board name)
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