medicine help after eating shit & diarrhea

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by nima_s, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Grebenkina

    Grebenkina New Member

    medicine help after eating shit diarrhea

    I ended up binge eating yesterday, i woke up today and felt like Jabba the Hubb. Should i just eat like i normally would or take in less carb throughout the day? I mostly binged on carb yesterday. I keep reading/hearing a lot of mixed information about this, wanted to see what you all thought. So far ive been drinking water as if my life depends on it.
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Does this have something to do with the scat topic or are you just sick?

    If you're just sick, eat when you're hungry, until you're full, and yes, take fluids. This also isn't where your question belongs.

    If it's about scat, go see a doctor.
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  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Unless you've eaten something that's giving you food poisoning or something like that, I don't think there's a lot you can do except learn from the mistake. If you're feeling physically bloated (as opposed to disgusted with yourself), Pepto Bismol or an antacid might help.

    Carbs will convert to sugar as you digest, which will cause your blood sugar to spike, but I don't think that drinking lots of water will help with that. I'd stay away from sugar or processed carbs today. When you eat, eat veggies or fruits (for the fiber) and some protein.
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  4. slaveryo

    slaveryo Active Member

    Go to doctor...
    The sooner the better
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  5. xhunterx

    xhunterx Active Member

    eating fecal lots of E.coli bacteria . . goodluck to you
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  6. ohmygawwd

    ohmygawwd New Member

    FWIW, I am an older man who has been into the scat scene my whole life. I have tasted the poop of maybe 2 dozen women, and licked the anus of hundreds. I have never gotten any illness from my hobbies. Also, the injection of fecal matter is an alternative treatment to several severe digestive diseases. I feel that if scat is so full of bateria and it is already in all of us, why aren't we all sick ?
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  7. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    There's a difference between bacteria that belongs in your system and bacteria that doesn't, as well as that the bacteria in one person's system is not usually identical to that in someone else's. Introducing someone else's can make the bacteria in your body and the new bacteria attack each other, similarly though not as severely as when two opposing blood types are introduced.

    Fecal injection is usually used in digestive disorders where due to circumstances such as overuse of antibiotics, the digestive track is stripped of the bacteria it needs to function. When this happens, introducing new bacteria runs much less of a risk, especially because the scat is generally treated first and introduced directly to the digestive system.

    This isn't to say scat play will always make someone ill or infected (you are, of course, an example of that), but just because it's not 100% going to kill you doesn't mean it's a good idea, and just because it has medical applications doesn't mean it's safe or healthy. Foxglove (digitalis), for example, can be used to treat heart problems. However, ingesting it otherwise can induce heart failure.
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  8. ohmygawwd

    ohmygawwd New Member

    While I agree that scat play can be hazardous to your health, I feel that if your donor is healthy, the risk to the recipient is very low. And the idea that bacteria change for each person makes no sense. Bacteria is bacteria. That's why antibiotics work.

    I also watch a lot of scat porn. There are many participants that actually eat scat. And many women who put fresh scat deep into their vaginas. It's hard for me to believe that if they were getting sick from this practice that they would continue to do it. I remember three interviews. One with an American woman named Pretty Lisa. She claims to have slept all night with someone else's scat in her vagina. Another American, Roxy, doesn't swallow scat, but has chewed scat from dozens of other women. And, finally, the scat queen, Verinika Moser, has done scat play with hundreds of people, and reports that she has never had any ill effects.
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  9. dirty_jose

    dirty_jose Active Member

    What I heard is that, those men and women who eat shit in scat videos get vaccinated for every possible diseases they can possibly contract from eating shit, such as hepatitis.
    Your local hospital or STD clinic can help you with that. You don't even have to tell them you eat shit. Just tell them you want to get vaccinated for STDs.
    And I heard there is some sort of medicine you drink before AND after you eat shit that helps your body safely get rid of the shit you eat.
    I've never eaten shit but I am a fan of femdom scat so I might try one day.

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