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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Anna2, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Anna2

    Anna2 Member

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    What are some things my Husband and I could do in an ambulance? Looking for a few ideas. He's an EMT and we are not supposed to do things in the back of the ambulance but....well the thought has crossed our minds.

    One thing we came up with is for him to strap me into a spine board and tease me repeatedly.

    Any ideas welcome.
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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    You could do a role play where you've been in an accident and you're being taken to the hospital. You're tied into the gurney, and he sadistically takes advantage of you when you can't move. Or you're unconscious and he decides to molest you. Or he's checking you for injuries and has to get increasingly more invasive.
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  3. edjixxx

    edjixxx Member

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    Having run as an EMT awhile ago, maybe this'll help. Ambulances are full of all kinds of cool little toys. Back boards, neck braces, restraints, kling, etc. The gurney is the perfect medium. Lets face it, the space kinda sucks, and you'll need to change out the gurney then with clean linens, but DAMN it's fun! How about the psych patient that won't keep her clothes on? Or the classic
    fall victim? Or, dare I say it, he kidnaps you, being a bad little EMT? Just a couple of ideas to spark you imagination of exploration!! Let us know what you come up with! I may have to go buy an ambulance!!!
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  4. AlternativeBondage

    AlternativeBondage New Member

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    How about a criminal patient that is being transported and requires a straight jacket and restraints? Although I don't think as the patient you require any enjoyment out of the deal. The EMT can take advantage of the patient, after all, who is going to believe the criminal that she has been raped.

    Dressing tape makes a good restraint also. Taping your hands to the bar on the ceiling would work out well forcing you to remain on your feet.

    If you manage to get off during the session, good for you. Otherwise, better luck next time.
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  5. Anna2

    Anna2 Member

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    These are fun ideas!
    We have played with me being a "patient" before, and it was fun (never in the ambulance though). One night he cut my shirt off with trauma scissors which I liked as well.
    I think a thorough exam with something like a speculum might be enjoyable, may look into getting one of those.
    Thanks for the replies.
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  6. nsdnq

    nsdnq New Member

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    don't forget the oxygen mask. it will increase the strength of your orgasm.

    Also, if you're shooting for realism, restraints are not legally allowed to be used on patients unless Law Enforcement is present. However the gurney straps that keep your patient from bouncing around in a speeding ambulance will provide more than adequate tie down.

    Unless you're trying to get caught in the garage, you'll need to have his partner in on it. If you're into sharing that makes it a lot easier. If not, what are friends for if not a no questions asked bribe? :devil:

    a cold stethoscope works wonders in terms of foreplay ;)
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    Once you're restrained on the gurney how about bringing an extra toy for torture purposes?

    One of the best toys I ever invested in was the Tazapper. I bought mine from Devus in the UK, but here's a US link.

    The advantage with this device is that it's totally safe because it's based on static electricity. No current flows, which means you can zap the nipples, the clit, ear lobes, tongue - wherever you want. It does not leave a mark or cause any permanent pain. That's one reason you'll see this device used so much in S&M movies.

    The shock delivered is consistent, so an inexperienced Dom cannot get carried away and genuinely hurt you by mistake. It's clear that your husband loves you and is probably worried about exactly that. So this device might be really good for you.

    In addition, it would work perfectly with the bandage shears idea. Imagine him, wearing a surgical mask...not saying a word...gradually cutting holes in your clothing so he can reach in to a sensitive spot with the zapper. You're gagged, of course, so your screams will not carry outside of the ambulance.

    DO NOT MIX the Tazapper with the oxygen mask!!! The Tazapper creates a small spark, so I am not sure if this would be safe in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

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  8. Anna2

    Anna2 Member

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    Interesting tip

    We don't have to worry about this- he gets to take the ambulance home with him every night.

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