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    MARKIZA New Member

    Some people feel shy and embarrassed to masturbate in the presence of others. Evidently because of the old stereotypes, imposed by parients. Sometimes I can still feel awkwardly, pleasing myself being not alone. Sometimes. For the most part I feel myself pretty comfortable.
    I enjoy watching a man playing with himself. Not a stranger, but My own man. But as just to place him in the middle of a room and make him masturbating.. That I have never done before… I mean before I’ve done it finally :) I was laying in my bad watching his arm, moving faster and faster, forgetting any shame or awkwardness. He came with a moan and fell down on his knees. Wonderful and exciting!
  2. Adeline

    Adeline New Member

    You know, I understand what you mean with "Wonderful and exciting"! But in my case it happened not under favourable conditions, but more extreme (winter, a street...) Excellent and spectacuous!

  3. Summer

    Summer New Member

    Hi Ladies!
    Oh, yeah, it is already a long time ago I wanted to look at this process, but still can't force my bf to go in for masturbation in my presence. Ruefully (

    MARKIZA New Member

    He doesn't listen to you? What are his motivations?
  5. Summer

    Summer New Member

    Cause of the same old stereotypes :(

    MARKIZA New Member

    He has to be given a talk.
  7. Summer

    Summer New Member

    Was you once in the same situation? If yes, how did you persuade him?

    MARKIZA New Member

    I have never been in that kind of situation, My men didnt suffer from such an complex, but even if they did, they masturbated anyway at the instance of Me. As for persuasin, here you have rather not to induce, but to extirpate that complex at all,to speak in a roundabout way, to hold warm-hearted conversations, to tell him what you like and what can excite you and so on and so on.
  9. Summer

    Summer New Member

    thanks you for your advice, I will try ;)
  10. gunnphiter

    gunnphiter New Member

    I masterbate in front of my slaves all the time. This is esspecialy true when they are bound and gagged so that there is no opening on their bodies for me to use.

    I sometimes do it when they want to feel me inside of them, but they haven't earned the right to that leasure.
  11. gunnphiter

    gunnphiter New Member

    I to masterbate in front of my slave esspecialy when she is bound and gagged. I find that I like seeing her squirm, and moan threw her gag.

    I sometimes discribe to her what I am feeling watching her. Removing all her sensory perseption, as with a blindfold as well as her gag, makes the situation even more exciting for both of us.

    The times I enjoy masterbating the most is when my slave wears her fur lingerie, and fox coat while being bound and gagged. I use her fur covered body to rub my penis with, and we both get off quite a few times.
  12. small one

    small one New Member

    I cannot understand why a man would not masturbate while his G/F watches, I have been masturbating since my Jr. HS days back then we were told we would go blind but I never listened, I would masterbate in the morning and if I could get away with at school I would and then at night, I finally got caught and I was rather red faced about it my sister and her two girlfriends caught me when they came home one summer afternoon, I did not hear them come and the next thing I knew they were standing in the doorway as I was laying on the bed with my penis waving in the air and I was stroking it like a crazy man, they watching me and laughing and the reason they were watching me and laughing was because of the size of my penis I was not well endoud as a boy and I am still not as a man today, I measure only 5 inches when fully erect and about 1 inch around, but as I found out from my Mistress later on sometime it pays to have a small penis. I stopped masturbating because my penis had gone down to it regular size but my sisters girl friend Donna told me not to be ashamed of my penis size and never be ashamed to masterbate when someone is watching I had been useing a magazine with naked pictures of ladies and guys in it to stimulate myself and Donna asked if I had ever seen a naked woman for real and I told her I had not but I hope I get the chance to real soon and she just smiled as she walked away I could not see her hands and when she turned around her blouse was unbuttoned and I could see her bra and I could see that she had hugh breasts she walked back over to the side of the bed and reached behind her and unhooked thebra letting it slide off her shoulders and her breast were hanging right over me I could feel my penis get hard and she said go on feel them I took one hand and felt her breast and then the other all the while I was masterbating with the other Donna ask if I liked her breast and all I could do was not my head up and down, with the she lowered her breasts about an inch from my chest and face and let them hang there and started to sway back and forth just letting the nipples grazed my chest and lips I could not hold back any longer and I let go with a load of cum that shot up to my chest and on my chin, all three of the girls were clapping and said I must feel better now and that I should never beashamed to masterbate in front of anyone they had all done it together for the past 2 years and they enjoyed it very much, to this day if I am with someone I will just start playing with my penis and as soon as it gets hard I will masterbate in front of them until I cum,

  13. I don't understand it either when it comes to women who want to watch me I love to do it as well as mutual masturbation with women.
    I'm a switch and mainly a Dom but being told to JO either in person or online is one of my sub fetishes.
    I never did JO over my last submissive partner as I preferred to cum inside her.
  14. slavejerry

    slavejerry New Member

    I have masturbated in front of my Mistress many times now. As her slave i love it when she orders me to masturbate and she watchs me.
  15. Tom

    Tom New Member

    masturbation and SM

    How do women view masturbating their male slaves? Is it to be denied? If done should the male's hands be bound so he can't touch himself but is dependent on his Mistress to do it? Should he be allowed to masturbate either during cunnilingus or after or not at all?
    I know if he is in chastity mode, the answer is there. But what about situations where he is serving dutifully at her command, fully serving her in all ways but orgasm is not denied?
    Do any women allow it to occur simultaneously with her own orgasms?
    Should it be done under her whip?
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