Master not comfortable with the word "slave"

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by brimbal, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. brimbal

    brimbal New Member

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    I am new to BDSM, and have taken the role of master. I realized that in being called this the logical opposite is slave. But i am not comfortable using that word for obvious reasons. we have settled on servant, but was wonder if any others have experienced this.
  2. oberfeldwebel

    oberfeldwebel New Member

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    the word slave

    I refer to my girl as a submissive or sub because she submits to me of her own free will, within mutually established and respected limits. To me the word slave means a person who has no choices and just obeys her Master in all things. Submissive or sub are not sexy words but for us are more accurate than slave. Others may of course not feel the same way.:)
  3. PTs_Pet

    PTs_Pet New Member

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    I agree with the previous post and that pretty perfectly and simply summizes the diff between a Sub and Slave. kudos to you!
    My Dom's preferences for our situation (of free will with 'mutually established and respected limits' are Sir (His designation of Himself - quite suitable) and Pet is my special given name chosen by my Sir - that to me, evokes loving precious thoughts. He/I consider myself to be a Sub, not Slave and neither of U/us are interested in that dimension of the life/style.

    You're the Dominant, if you choose to consider yourself as Master in your role, I'd think you just need to find the 'pet name' that feels natural to you when refering to your Submissive, which is what i'd think is the opposite term. but only a term or classification.

    being a novice to this degree of the life/style i am still learning, but the resounding opinion i've seen has been there is no right or wrong or cookie cutter role or dynamic .. just whatever works for the individuals themselves. right?
  4. akittenone

    akittenone Guest

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    kitten is a slave, she is in a TPE relationship with Master and that means she has few rights, however she does trust Him completely so that does not bother her, at times He knows kitten better than kitten does ! Most of the time kitten is refered to as kitten and only when He is really making a point does the word slave come into it,
    To be honest kitten thinks that no matter what you are called as long as it is something B/both your Master and you are comfortable with then that is fine, after all this is Y/your relationship and as such should be what is right for Y/you B/both
  5. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    You could always refer to her as kitten, or pet.
  6. Jezebel

    Jezebel New Member

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    Use a fun alternative like pig slut just to be PC.
  7. Dilemna

    Dilemna New Member

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    I call my sub my pet, my baby, or just love. I tend to tease her and make her wet through being affectionate.
  8. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Like many of the others, I don't ofter use the word slave. I use captive, prisoner, wench, or a few other terms. I also call her by a different name , reminding her that she is in a different world during those times. I'm sure that there are many like me - dominant, but not an owner. I actually like my women fiercely independent, until I get them alone and under my control.
    Hadn't thought about Kitten... think I'll try that sometime.
  9. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    we hate word slave we always use other words like latenight said
  10. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    There's also 'servant', another antonym for 'master'. In the gay community, 'boy' is extremely common for subs. It feels perfect when you say it, although it's disconcerting to run about guys in their 50s and 60s who are calling themselves boys.

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