Marys Ordeal

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    Mary's Ordeal

    Written by Tortura**
    This story is purely fiction...It did not happen..... Anyone that even thinks of turning this into reality should be put away forever. This story is not suitable for minors and most adults. This is only erotic fantasy and should only be read by people over 18 that enjoy this type of stories.**

    "Scalp them all!!!" yelled the Apache warchief. The whole group of white settlers had been wiped out by the Apaches. Equipment and wagons were strewn everywhere. All were dead except for Mary, a young voluptuous school teacher by trade and two other pretty white ladies. The chief gestured to a few braves to get the three women and to drag them to camp a few hundred yards near the river bank. All three, with their hands bound behind them with thin leather straps, were dragged through the dry barren field to the Apache encampment. Mary was scared and almost delirious. She had heard all the stories of Indians torturing and killing white people. Her worst fears were soon to come true.

    The three women were brought to the middle of the camp stripped of their clothes and each tied to a 12 foot pole that was planted in the middle of a flat area of land next to a great tree. "This is the tree of death... this is were all of you will die today". All three women had beautiful bodies. Louise was a redhead with the most beautiful white smooth skin the Indians had ever seen. The other two, including Mary, were both brunettes. There had been a rash of body lice in the caravan and the three women sported perfectly shaven cunts. This comforted the Indians in their misconception that all paleface women were wanton sluts.

    Two of the Indians untied the second brunette and dragged her as she was kicking and screaming under the large tree. Her hands were once again tied around her back. One Indian takes what looks like two long leather straps which he slowly soaks in water. Mary knew that when leather dries it shrinks and tightens up on itself. She wondered if the other brunette knew that. The Indian takes one of the straps and wraps it around the brunette's right tit around the base. He does the same with the other side. The brunette stands there with the leather straps around her tits. Both her nipples sticking out invitingly. At this time, a long pole about 6 feet in length is laid across her. One of the Indians hits her across the back of her legs sending her to the ground shrieking. Her legs are next tied to the pole as far apart as possible at the ankles and the pole is lifted up by a rope on both ends. She is now on her back on the ground her body on a 45 degree incline with her legs spread wide apart and her naked cunt lips open and glittering in the sun. She is now realizing that her tits are beginning to hurt like hell from the straps tightening. They are actually turning blue. Without her noticing, one of the Indian picks up a cane and begins beating the brunette on her cunt lips. Whack... whack... with each whip of the cane the brunette contorted her body in every direction and screamed to the top of her lungs but the pole was secured in place by two other Indians keeping it from twisting on itself. Both Mary and Louise watched in horror as the brunette was having her cunt caned. After 15 minutes of this, the caning stopped and the brunette laid there with her legs up in the air and her hairless cunt bruised with welts. Rivulets of blood pooling at her asshole. Quickly a rope was thrown up and over another branch of the tree. This rope separated to a "V" at the end with two small steel hooks. The hooks were placed under the leather straps which were now tight around her tits and with a slow steady pull on the other end she was lifted off the ground by her tits. She was screaming but trying not to contort anymore as she realized that her tits could sever completely off under the force of her weight.

    She was now positioned with her head above her legs once again on a 45 degree angle. Three ropes holding her up, two of them at the pole keeping her legs spread. Now came the real fun for the tribe. A small hollow bamboo tube about 2 inches in diameter was shoved up her ass about six inches in. Enough so that she could not push it out. A pointed stick was then measured to the right height and shoved in the dirt under her. The sharp end of the stick was placed in the tube in her ass. As the brunette felt the tip of the sharpened stick touch her colon she instantly arched her hips up to keep from getting impaled. This was funny and exciting to see and the Indians were amazed how much she was pushing on the pole with her feet to keep her pelvic area up in order to live. After a few minutes of staying up, the pressure on her legs and abdomen was simply too much and the people could see the outer tube slipping down onto the stick in the ground. As soon as the tip touched her inside she suddenly let out a small shriek and instantly thrust her pelvis outward up once again. Up and down up and down... this was all exciting and the crowd jeered at loud as possible. After fifteen minutes she could not stand it anymore her tits were by now blue and hurting like nothing she had felt before... she was screaming and trying to keep her cunt up and spread at the optimum position... but her muscles were failing. Finally she gives up and sits her ass down on the sharpened stick were she lets out an incredible scream. The tip of the stick could be seen sticking out just on top of her pubic bone on her left side of her cunt mound... blood pouring out of both her asshole and around her cunt. But she was not dead yet. One Indian shoved a rag wet with kerosene up her ass and lit it with a torch. Again she was going up and down screaming at the top of her lungs trying to put out the burning rag only this time repeatedly impaling herself with the sharpened stick up her ass. She was almost dead when two other Indians took out their knives and started carving small incisions around her tits. Instantly the slits grew and within half a minute she falls to the ground breastless. Her tits still hanging on the ropes her ass still on fire. With this done one of the Indians unties her from the pole between her legs and quickly cuts her throat to finish her off. "Bring on the next prisoner..." yelled the chief.

    Mary by this time was delirious as the hot sun baked her beautiful body. It was now Louise's turn. The Indians wanted her to suffer the most as they had never seen a red head before. Two Indians untied her from the pole and brought her under to the trunk of the large tree. They sat her down on the ground and tied her hands behind her back. Louise was just too frightened to say anything so she just did everything she was told. Her hands were tied back around the tree trunk with leather straps. Her legs were both lifted above her head and also tied to the tree. Louise now stood there with her head between her knees trembling from fear her beautiful hairless cunt mound exposed and gaping. One Indian took some honey and smeared it all around her cunt mound and inside her love canal making sure he didn't miss any spots. Her tits and armpits were also covered. Then she was left there for the ants to get her. It did not take long for her to be covered with the crawling insects. They were everywhere and biting her fiercely. She was shrieking and undulating her tits from side to side. The sight made the Apaches even more fierce. She moved her tits from side to side up and down but her efforts were futile. While this was going on Mary was also taken from the pole and brought to near the tree were four poles were placed in the ground about four feet apart. About four feet from the ground a spike was inserted in each of the poles. Mary was lifted while kicking and screaming and her knees were bent over each of the spikes and her knees and ankles tied to the poles. She laid there with her legs spread as far as possible with all her weight on her knee joints. Her hands were next pulled up until her thighs were at a horizontal and then her wrists tied to the poles also. The pain of being tied up like this was almost instantly too much and tried as she could she could not get loose.
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    Meanwhile Louise's cunt and tits we beginning to look like two pieces of raw meat and she was still screaming from the pain like a stuck pig, Louise was untied and placed exactly in the same position as Mary on the remaining two poles. Two braves returned with a sack of thorns the had picked from a local bush. Mary looked on in horror as what looked like a pile of thorns was poured in front of them. Louise screamed at the top of her lungs as one of the Braves took a handful of thorns each about two inches long and while opening up Louise's cunt with one hand inserted the thorn about three inches in her cunt hole side wall. Then he took another thorn and did the same thing... then another and another. Each one was pushed in all the way as not to be seen from inside her love hole. Some blood was now trickling out. The braves were putting thorns in any place in her cunt that was possible. The only place that could not be punctured was the area around Louise's pubic bone, anywhere else was fair game. When her insides were done the outside of the cunt mound was punctured. Louise was thrashing her head and screaming in pain as the Indians concentrated on the outer cunt. First her outer lips then her inner then her clit area and clit tip. Then her entire smooth naked pubic mound was filled with the hellish spines. Her tits were the next target. Her tits were soon covered with puncture holes especially the area around her nipples. Next came her sweaty underarms and finally all around her asshole. Thorns were stuck all around her puckered hole and in the area between her asshole and cunt. One brave came back from the fields with a prickly pear full of minuscule thorns that caused incredible pain if touched. The whole fruit about 3 inches in diameter was shoved up her cunt with a stick as Louise kept on yelling. Next came the real pain. Four Braves with sticks surrounded Louise... whack with a solid blow one Brave hits her across the tits... the blow sent incredible pain from all the thorns stuck in her flesh. Another hits her in the cunt... another kicks her squarely in the ass. Louise is now nothing more than a screaming pile of sweaty writhing flesh. Watching her jumping and pulling on her straps while yelling and thrashing as the braves whipped her churned the men into a frenzy. As this was going on Mary was now being raped as she stood suspended in midair spread eagled. Mary thought this was a scene from hell as her friend was just a few feet away being tortured in this horrible way. Louise's beating went on forever with each blow to her pubic area or her tits sending her screaming. Soon she was just howling under her breath... she had no more energy left. The Braves let her rest for a bit but soon one of the Braves steps up to Louise and with a large knife starts to carve her left aureole and nipple. She barely felt the pain but it was there. He did the same with her right slowly carving off the tip of her tit. Her large tits were undulating left and right as the Brave had a new idea. With a thorn he attaches the dark red nipples and surrounding area to her cheeks pushing the needles almost 1.5 inches into her mouth. With his sharp carving knife he slowly begins to carve out the inner fat from her tits. One chunk at a time was coming out from the tip of the tit. Care was taken not to break the skin. Throughout this ordeal Louise was only moaning in agony not screaming. Soon both her large tits were deflated and where two large beautiful breasts were only two empty skin sacks were hanging.

    Meanwhile Mary who shut her eyes was just hanging spread eagled. Most of the braves that wanted had emptied their balls in her. She stood there her cunt spread and glistening and dripping with sperm... Arggghhhhh a sharp scream cut through her brains as once again Louise was thrashing around. Mary opened her eyes to see what was going on only to realize that a large fire was built under her and was now lit. They were roasting her stretched out thighs and cunt. She was jumping around... then suddenly pop one of her arms pops out of the socket sending more pain through her. "Please stop... let me live..." no use... they didn't understand they just kept on building the fire under her... meanwhile it was now Mary's turn. Her torture was going to be unique. The braves were not going to kill her but would let the bluecoats do it for them. One Brave had caught two poisonous centipedes. They were the ugliest things Mary had ever seen. Her mind was racing at a hundred miles per hour trying to guess what they were going to do with the insects. The Indian puts the insect up to Mary's face and she looks at it in terror as the thing wiggles from side to side. The thing had about 20 long legs with a large mandible with poisonus fangs. The Indian takes a bit of pig fat in his hand and rubs it around. He then forcefully shoves his entire hand up her cunt and fists her hard and furious. When he pulls out her cunt is slightly gaping. He puts the centipede on the end of a stick and quickly shoves the tip and insect up her cunt and pulls out the stick. Mary screaming is now gyrating her hips and trying to expel the foul 4 inch long insect from her cunt. She is jumping up and down and all around. Everyone is cheering her on. She can feel the thing crawling inside her and she screams with ear piercing shrills. Mary remembers that she was once told by one of her lovers that she had strong cunt muscles as she could blow air out by contracting and pushing out. Her lovers just loved this trick as she could blow matches out by flexing her vagina. She was now doing this to the amusement of all the people that were watching. Fissst... fisssheed... furttttt... furtttt... air rushing out sounding like small farts as her cunt opening was widening and closing trying to blow the creature out. Mary was sucking air in by expanding her cunt hole and suddenly squeezing as fast as she could. Furtttt... fisssstttt she kept on going while screaming while the Indians laughed their heads off. She was trying to move her ass and hips as much as possible but the restraints would not let her move much. The only movement she had was up if she pulled herself vertically with her arms. But she could not stay there long and down she came to her horizontal split position. The creature was hanging on tightly and could not be dislodged it just kept crawling around exploring her vagina. All the braves were hypnotized by the sight they were seeing. Mary kept on contracting and expanding her cunt furiously. Her cunt opening and shutting. Once she pushed so hard the Indians thought she was going to push out her uterus. Her inner lips were opening and closing moving outwards then collapsing. Her inner fleshy hole resembled a small toothless mouth begging for food. This went on for 15 minutes. Nothing worked, the centipede had crawled deep inside and was not budging. Her asshole was also opening in and out and shit trickling from her back opening. Mary was pushing so furiously that she had not realized she was shitting herself in order to expel the insect inside her. Suddenly she felt fire in her cunt as she realized the centipede had bitten her inside her cunt. Within a minute her entire hairless mound was swelling and swelled so much her insides were pushed out through her hymen for about an inch. Mary was in terrible pain but the same happened to her tits as the Indians held the remaining centipede to her nipples. Both her breasts swelled to double their size as she writhed in agony. One brave took some rags and soaked them in kerosene they had acquired from one of the wagons. He knotted one rag and with a stick pushed the knot up Mary's asshole. Mary was by know grunting incoherently like an animal. With a thin knife one Brave grabbed one of the swelled outer cunt lips and pierced it from side to side. He did the same to the other lip. He then placed and pulled through the two holes two more wet rags. Her tits swelled and burning as though they were on fire were next. With the thin sharp knife he punctured a hole under her breast and ensured the tip of the knife came out of her sensitive nipple. With force another rag was pushed in the hole from the bottom and pulled out from her now cut nipple.
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    Another hole was now drilled in her other tit. Mary was screaming and pleading to stop... this only encouraged them to continue. Mary was still for a minute as she stared at the brave with a torch in his hands. As he approached him she was begging him not to do it. He reached down with the torch and suddenly flames were shooting from Mary's hairless ass and cunt burning her delicate tissue. She was thrashing like crazy and screaming out loud once again. After a few minutes her tits were lit up. This created quite a spectacle as she tried to tear her arms and legs from the bindings in futility. Louise by this time finally fainted... and with Mary's flames smoldering, the braves began skinning Mary alive... it was now dark. Strips of skin were being torn from her body one at a time. She was thrashing and screaming. Everywhere except for her face, skin was taken off... her tits, her bald cunt, everywhere. After an hour she looked like some gruesome thing from hell with a beautiful face and two large skinned tits hanging from her chest. She was still suspended spread eagle just gleaming in the light of the fires and dripping body fluids. Moaning she was left in that position. The chief now yelled at the crowd that the show was over and that the day's dead braves were now vindicated. He told the people to pack up the camp and move out. Mary still alive... kept on yelling "... please kill me... please kill me" and moaning in agony... they just left her there for other whites to find her.

    Two days later the Army finally arrived at the scene of battle and found not only the scalped dead settlers but eventually the location of the Apaches' last encampment. When Mary was found they could not believe their eyes. She was still spread eagled and was still alive and moaning as vultures were pulling meat from her body and the other two victims. The soldiers were wondering why her breasts were so huge and swelled and her cunt almost inside out. Pus was leaking from the meat on her chest and dribbling out of her grotesque cunt hole. Little centipedes were crawling in and out of her vagina from the hatched eggs the centipede had deposited two days before. They looked over and saw the terrifying sight as they saw Louise with her lower half of her body gone still hanging from her hands. Her hip bones and spine clearly visible still attached to the upper part of her body. She was just swaying there in the breeze. Two of the soldiers started to puke at the gruesome sight. As the Colonel walked up to where Mary was hung he pulled out his pistol and with a quick aim shoots Mary in the forehead ending her torment. Let's go there is nothing we can
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    Another hole was now drilled in her other tit. Mary was screaming and pleading to stop...although she cried, but at the same time did not want to stop !

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