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    hello everyone i thought it would be best to copy my about me from fetlife as it best sums me up if you want to know more about me and my fetishes feel free to comment, or message or look me up on fetlife
    same username as the one i am using on here :)

    Hello and welcome to my profile where i try my best to summarize myself without sounding like a boring tin can :)
    Names Daniel and i am 25
    Before i say more i would like you to read my journal entries
    WHY you may ask ?
    well i write a lot to do with my journey, more details about my fetishes and why i think titles are not important :)

    A little about my life without BDSM

    I am currently setting up my own business , I love photography a lot and want to branch into the adult industry.
    I love running, playing sports, travelling, making music and writing stories.
    when all else fails i relax to some tv and movies .

    I live in a shared house with a nice room and a very snugg double bed :)
    for those times you just want to cover yourself up and not come out hehe .
    I suffer from depression , anxiety, dyspraxia and DYSLEXIA and try 100 percent to push through them and enjoy life the best i can.
    Dont have the guts or stomach with dealing with someone who has them then please read no more and dont forget to shut the door behind you thanks :)

    Since being on here i have been many things, from a dom to a sub,
    for months i felt balanced being a switch so i could enjoy both sides.

    I discovered that i have a inner brat in me that likes to play up and be cheeky.
    i also love after having play the aftercare side of things.
    which is cuddling, kissing etc

    Being undecided to who you are is not a bad thing it means you have a open mind, to talk to fellow kinksters, go to munches and see where life takes you .

    I feel that people take one look at my title or fetishes and judge me on them like i am not a human being.

    just because i like certain fetishes does not mean in any shape or form you must partake in them.

    Thats the whole reason messaging was born to get to know the person, discuss safe words etc :)

    I have now been to 2 munchies and i can say 100 percent i just cant do muchies anymore.
    The people are lovely i meet however i can not bring myself out, i cant talk to people, i get pains in my chest, from nerves , anxiety and all other crap.
    I am really shy person, and sadly this online side of me is the real me.
    unless i have met that person a few times then it will never come out.
    at least i have given munchies a go :)

    I dont think i can say much more about myself really expect i live each day as it comes and one day i would like to find someone to have a kink item with :)

    ps i no longer put up with timewasters after having such a bad experience with arranging meets and then stuff hitting the fan , if your really wanting to meet me then i am sure we will get on just fine :)

    My story is now on wattpad

    == Results from ==
    98% Degradee
    96% Masochist
    96% Experimentalist
    95% Switch
    94% Rope Bunny
    92% Slave
    91% Degrader
    90% Rigger
    85% Sadist
    81% Submissive
    79% Dominant
    78% Brat Tamer
    71% Primal (Prey)
    67% Voyeur
    62% Primal (Hunter)
    61% Master/Mistress
    60% Owner
    48% Brat
    48% Non-monogamist
    37% Ageplayer
    33% Exhibitionist
    29% Daddy/Mommy
    20% Pet
    19% Girl/Boy
    16% Vanilla

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