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    you can call me duke, I Don't have a lot of experience with being a sub but I've been a dom for awhile and have had a deep churning feeling inside when I imagine being dominated by someone. I'm rather interested in this kind of experience but not expecting a full time thing.

    Here's a run down
    Dom: interested in a male dom but not apposed to fem

    Contact: Probably by email or other messenger once a day or on weekends (flexible and up for discussion)

    Willing to do: Most anything, penetration, binding myself, wearing a collar, performing assigned tasks and logging them. Don't mind being called or treated like a girl or an animal. Anything not mentioned in dislikes is up for discussion.
    (might not be comfortable with pictures of myself right away but I think in time I'll be okay with it.)

    Dislikes: fecal matter, choking with binds, burning, walking out on the freeway nude

    My appearance (if this is important to a potential master): About 6' tall, around 160 pounds. Brown eyes and hair about 1/4" long.
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