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    I'm constantly buying sex toys for myself and have been for years, however, recently I've been involved with a man that is open to the idea of using sex toys. He has never considered it before until he saw my treasure trove. The thought has crossed my mind to get him a couple, but I don't know where to begin. Men from my past would not even consider opening up about their interest in sex toys, so the thought never occured to me that I could consider him when I shop. Any reccomendations for a beginner male's toy that is easy to use, reasonably priced, and effective on the pleasure scale? I'd greatly appreciate the help from other "connoiseurs of sexual pleasure
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    You know, for the first point, the concept of using sex toys in general still needs to be better accepted by society. A number of people may have a basic vibrator, but I don't expect the majority of people to accept easily the idea that some people have BOX full and have storage problems. However, if you spend more than 2,000 on a special sex doll made entirely in cyber flesh, I might raise an eyebrow.

    About the second point, I do not think it applies only to women, I have had boyfriends who felt insecure about my toys and felt like their manhood was threatened. As a result, the box was never opened in their presence and they have never used them on me.

    And I think that your third point is completely irrelevant to the subject. It is a negative assessment and generalization that you make about a woman's psychology and sexuality.

    But,I love my Fleshlight Best masturbation toy I've ever used, by far. The Tenga toys are supposed to be good, too, but I don't have one.

    Cock rings are great for use during intercourse. A good cock ring can make my dick incredibly hard, which can lead to different sensations than normal. I occasionally use one along with my Fleshlight, due to the changes in sensation.

    Vibrators can be nice, but it's difficult to find one that really works well on a penis. I like using my Fairy Wand (a Hitachi knock-off) on my penis. It can give me a really strong orgasm extremely quickly if I hold it against the shaft of my penis. There are some new vibrators out there designed specifically for use on the penis (such as the Cobra Libre) but I haven't tried any of them yet.

    And of course there's the entire world of anal toys, including prostate stimulators. But I'd probably ask him if he's interested before buying him a toy of that sort. Some guys might not like being surprised with an anal toy.

    Just some suggestions and one good video from Youtube, that I hope will help.Good Luck


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