Male Dominant seeks female submissive in NJ

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    Youre reading through endless profiles, wondering if the one you seek truly is out there. He exists, he might even be me.

    I've always believed that the dynamic must play itself out in the particulars of the individuals involved. My dominance does not require a hackneyed script or a limited scope of possibility.

    I seek a partner who is free thinking, moved in the act of giving pleasure, who is devoted to sexual instruction, eager and receptive to my whims and instincts. And while I have a creative and sexually sadistic temperament it is governed by something consensual. It can be molded and sublimated into excruciating sensuality and eroticism.

    Again it is conjuring -- through words, whispers, power, physicality, and toys of all sorts, restraints, encouragement, denial and psychological manipulation -- the full potential of another's desire so I can mold it. I leave my partner wanting more.

    Understanding that surrender can be an enormous challenge, it is one that I thrive on as a Dominant. Turning on their head, interpretations of expectation, reciprocity, equality and dignity is a demanding path.

    It offers a hard earned grace and eventually a source of strength. Like any real challenge it can be frustrating, confusing, and after going down its road for awhile you may decide to change its course from your initial xpectations, but as a path of discovery -- of course it is worth it. But if the desire for submission comes from an authentic place in you, if it is pointing you to live out an inescapable truth then reach out to me. I understand that the submissive in you can be a ritualized exaggeration, a part of you that one can exhume and feel such a truth. Allow me an opportunity to exhume that truth from you.

    Surrender allows you to transgress normative expectation. It confers the freedom to experience something essential in you that has been lost or covered up.

    Is it a wanton nature or a craving for a certain kind of pain to awaken the body and spirit? Is it the need for discipline and order? A craving to break your ego and find humility? The need to recapture a part of your childhood? I don't know you to know the answer to that but the journey through these questions is a perfectly legitimate, worthwhile one. I can guide and counsel you as I see fit as long as you are resolutely honest, transparent and truly seek to build this kind of understanding
    of yourself through obedience, respect, discretion and openness.

    I've learned in this life that the Gods of caprice, chaos and idiosyncrasy hold sway over most things including preference.

    To torture an ice cream metaphor beyond recognition...while one may generally prefer chocolate to vanilla, a new brand of vanilla may well become one's favorite if bowled over by its texture, aftertaste and smoothness. A sophisticated hunger and palate is what I possess and what I look to indulge. I do not limit myself to height, fullness, hair color or other superficialities.

    Opening one’s self to the most compelling dimensions of one's sexuality, in this puritanical, intolerant, didactic culture of ours, is a great strength, not weakness. In contradictions lie discovery.

    I believe life is too short not to entertain possibility. I can show you many places the road of surrender passes through. If you wish to experience a voice traversing the waters between pleasure and pain, desire and control, softly yet insistently in your ear…write to me.
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    Hello sir, am sandra williams from london UK, i will so much love to be your slave and also am willing to relocate.............if am up to the task.. my email address [email protected] if you wanna check me out

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