Male Chastity, some questions about it.

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by СuriousCD, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. СuriousCD

    СuriousCD New Member

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    Hi all!

    Is there any experts in male chastity?
    Will long time chastity cause shrinkage? Will erection be a problem? Will milking help or not?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tom Allen

    Tom Allen New Member

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    What do you suppose an "expert" on male chastity would be? Someone with a lot of personal experience? Someone who's placed a lot of men in chastity? Someone who's read a lot about the subject?

    A Google search will turn up literally hundreds of hits, many of which would actually be useful to someone interested in the topic.

    That said, there is no evidence that it will cause shrinkage. Some men claim that it does, but the testimony appears to be mainly anecdotal and subjective.

    Likewise, some men have claimed erection problems after long periods of chastity, but again, the evidence has never been substantiated and the claims are usually suspect.

    "Milking," aka prostate massage, is claimed to be necessary to maintain prostate health, but to date the claims about the proper amount or frequency are conflicting. The few doctors who have weighed in on this issue on various web boards have not seemed to have all the pertinent information available to them. It has nothing to do with shrinkage or erection.

    If you have a lot of questions, you might consider perusing the several chastity related Yahoo groups, most of which are fairly active with experienced users.
  3. СuriousCD

    СuriousCD New Member

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    Hello Tom, thanks for detailed response, is very informative and helpful.
    Also, i will take your advice about yahoo groups.
  4. gwendoline

    gwendoline New Member

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    I have had the honour of being in chastity to my Mistress for well over a year now.
    Mistress took great delight in having me purchase the equipment of my chastity, ‘The Curve’ and I have worn it under my panties 24/7 since.

    If I am to be allowed a release, the pleasure will always be accompanied by a lot of pain, so when Mistress gets the key from her safe my mind will be spinning.
    It will usually be two, three or even 4 weeks since my last release but I can assure you that there will be no problem with an erection, even knowing that a serious punishment is due before I will be allowed to cum and definitely no sign of shrinkage.

    Whilst I am in my chastity device, Mistress takes great enjoyment in teasing me, even playing with my exposed balls knowing that my hardening cock will soon be causing agony inside its un-yielding plastic cage: She has me sleep, in bondage, on the floor by her bed, with the panties She has just removed over my head, the gusset neatly arranged over my nose and mouth. I of course adore the taste and aroma but hate the discomfort.

    On a day to day basis the device has not really affected me, except that I now always have to sit on the loo to have a pee, I only used to do that when in my TV clothes and I do have to pay a lot of attention to careful washing. I use a little baby oil to lubricate the inside and have had no problems with chafing or soreness, discounting the marks from the whip, cane and crop!

  5. raven1083

    raven1083 Active Member

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    try search google for some answers
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