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  1. cimber

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    I made my own fucking machine from where supplies where I work. Other little things like a gag.

    I am wondering what other things can I make? Im looking for ideas that are simple to make. Got any ideas?
  2. RopeRanger

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    Travel Spreader Bar

    I travel for work and needed a spreader bar that would break down small enough to fit in my bag. It needed to be adjustable as my play partners range from 5’ 5†to 6’ tall. Please note that it’s NOT designed for suspension.

    A pair of crutches
    Two D-rings
    One ¼inch X 1 ½ in eye bolt
    One ¼ inch acorn nut
    hitch pin

    Drill and assorted bits
    Pin punch
    2 large channel lock pliers
    7/16 wrench


    1. Remove the adjustable legs and drill out the rivets that secure the center tube to the upright tubes. Keep the curved washers
    2. Remove the plastic insert from one of the handles.
    3. Trim about ½ inch from one end of the plastic handle so that the pin in the leg will snap into the last hole and insert it into the center tube. Using the rivet hole as a guide drill a ¼ inch hole through the center tube and the plastic hand. If using a hand drill then drill from both sides of the tube, meeting in the middle, to help keep the hole aligned.
    4. Insert the eye bolt. While not necessarily needed, I like to drill out the curved washers and use them for a more finished appearance. Top the eye bolt with the acorn nut. Use lock-tight and be careful not to over tighten.
    5. Trim the plastic handle until the other center tube can be inserted easily, but firmly. Using the rivet holes as a guide drill a hole though both the tube and handle to accept the hitch pin
    6. Remove the rubber tips from the legs. Using the d-rings as a guide mark drill a hole through the tube. Make sure to sand or file off any rough edges.
    7. Spread the d ring open and close them into the holes.
    8. Slide the legs into the center tubes.

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  3. RopeRanger

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    One frustration when traveling is the lack of hard points available for tying off to. You can find over the door straps just about everywhere but I found it more fun to make my own. If you’ve not stopped at your local tack shop or farm supply you should. I picked up the straps on clearance for 2 bucks each. I saved the crutch tips from the previous project and purchased another set. The 7/8 conduit was from my scrap bucket. Total cost was under $10.

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  4. Zandar

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  5. xxxpoloner

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    I've made this lash by myself. It's very easy to do. If you're interested in doing such a thing, I can explain you how to do it.
  6. Aibo

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    I have made about ½ of my BDSM stuff myself, both for economical reasons (most cages are silly expensive so I welded my first one, though eventually I bought a second one - one that's foldable - when it were up for sale.)

    Some other stuff I seen advertised have not come with the quality I like.
    Therefore I also made my own stocks.

    All you need is basic tools, though I had a bit more which for some parts made it more easy.

    And here we're getting close to the finished product.

    Good luck with your own, visit my page on Fetlife or read the thread I made about making them here.
  7. gailhopper

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    amazing !!! so nice ;)
  8. 4room

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  9. Aibo

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    Very nice examples there 4room.
    Also I used drumsticks as the handles for some things I made many years ago. So we came up with the same solution there. :)

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