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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a new member on the forum and wanted to introduce myself.

    I'm a new author, publishing short stories featuring a shemale in the central role. Many of my stories are BDSM-centric (OK, it's not a real word, sue me). For a complete list of available titles, please visit my website

    Right now, I have five stories out with many more to come. One of my most recent publications is entitled The New Neighbor. This is a BDSM story. Here's a brief description:

    This short story is about Richard, a lonely man who peers at life through the ocular piece of his telescope, enjoying the sight of wildlife in a nearby park. When a moving van arrives across the street, he is curious, and trains the telescope on the small bungalow.
    Richard discovers the new neighbor is a beautiful woman. He violates her privacy, unable to pry his eyes away. When he sees an opening, he rushes over to introduce himself and unwittingly triggers a chain of events that will mark him forever.
    Story elements: T-M sex, BDSM, forced sex, voyeurism, enslavement, short story, 6000+ words.

    Some of my other stories have BDSM elements although this is not the central axis of the story. Among these, Succubus and Hot Air Balloon might interest.

    Please check out one of my stories. Read all of them if you like. They're free.

    As a new author, I want to increase my readership. What better way than to give away my work for free. If you like what you read, please submit a review. You'll find review links on my site.

    I look forward to participating in the forum and I'm glad to have met a group of like-minded people.



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    Cool! thx man

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