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  1. subarama30

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    My guy has to a liking to want to use the biggest toy we have straight away when the moment takes him but I keep saying, even if I am turned on beforehand, I am not THAT turned on, not enough to get the fella in there without help. However, the idea of lube has never appealed to either of us because I have had rubbish experience in the past where it felt like I had dumped a bucket of water down there and couldn't feel much.

    So, what lube is there where you get adequate assistance with toys but doesn't leave that too wet feeling afterwards? I don't want to be moping up down there before he puts the real thing in but also don't want that rubbed raw feeling you get when you use too big a toy too soon.
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  2. Smallest

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    We use JO H20 and it's not bad for that. If you wet the skin, it gets noticeable again, but otherwise, it dries down. But I'd suggest asking the person at your sex shop, they'll probably know what they sell, and can give samples. They also usually have open bottles so you can get an idea of the smell and feel. You should probably stick with water based, as well- you probably should anyway, if it's a silicone toy, but they're a lot more likely to dry down than oil or silicone based.
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  3. sebastian

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    I'm really fond of Liquid Silk. It does sometimes feel wet down there after play, but that's because it stays slick longer than a lot of lubes. But most lubes require a little cleaning up afterward.

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