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  1. bsproms

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    Really loving the slim belt my partner is using as a lead on me. When she is riding me, I love her pulling the belt tight and pinning my neck down. That tight feeling around my neck is amazing. What is cool is that I can still feel it round my neck when I'm at work, even when its not.
  2. sebastian

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    Be aware that breath play, which is essentially what erotic asphyxiation is, is edge play, play with a very real risk of injury. I recently read a short piece by Jay Wiseman, who is one of the most experienced smers around, arguing that there is absolutely no way to do breath control without the risk of serious consequences. He described sitting around with a group of medical professions (of which he was one) and they were unable to think of a way to do breath play safely. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it; it just means you need to understand that it will always carry a risk of things like heart attack, brain damage, and the like.
  3. bsproms

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    Ha ha! Feel like I've been told off! Lol. No, I appreciate what you say. My partner listens to my breathing and is very careful. I love the feeling enough to take the risk.
  4. L8NightQ

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    bsproms - This has come up a couple of times before.

    Could you elaborate on the dangers you know about?... and how you and your partner approach them?
  5. sebastian

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    bsproms, I'm not telling you off at all, and my apologies if that's how I came across. BDSM needs to be safe, sane, and consensual. Breath play is sane when those involved understand that it carries a risk of serious injury. If you understand those risks, try to minimize and account for them, and feel that the experience is worth the risk, then by all means do it. I just wanted to make sure that you understood that breath play isn't risk-free fun.
  6. bsproms

    bsproms New Member

    Ahh no worries. I was kidding. It probably didn't come across in my post. I actually much appreciated the safety advice. Respect
  7. L8NightQ

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    hey bsproms -

    I think we're all fine with whatever you guys do from a SSC perspective. I think what Seb was trying to point out is that many don't really understand the physiology associated with erotic asphyxiation.

    If you understand what PVC's are and how they are associated, then at least you guys have a chance. It's not the only thing you need to know, but most who know this have at least looked into the stuff that's not obvious.

    Given your experience, I wanted others to hear from you about how you deal with it.
  8. bsproms

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    I I
    I completely understand sebs point. I know very little about physiological safety, only how me and my partner communicate. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving any actual advice. There is no doubt of the danger involved. All I would say is, if you can't communicate effectively with your partner, dom, sub, don't try this stuff. I started with a thick belt that covers a wider surface area of the neck. I breath loudly so my partner can hear any panic or laboured breathing. She is very careful always. I always hum a tune if I need it to stop. Need to be aware of pressure that can give you a headache. This is not good I imagine.
  9. Phoray

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    I think I may be into the erotic asphyxiation but am not sure really- I don't recall having my breathing reduced very much even with an ex yanking on the belt around my neck. For one, I don't think it was all the way around. More like reins to pull on as he took me from behind. I also like the idea of guys choking me some but I think it's the mental pleasure of a male I've pissed off enough to lose his composure to do that. On that point, I think I'm getting off more on the power to make a guy lose his cool- or, when I'm feeling particularly subby, just to be dominated in that way. that position could really go both ways! All in all, mostly reveling in the sexual violence of it all.

    I've watched videos of women wearing elaborate masks with a tube and the person bringing them to orgasm in various methods then blocking off the airway with a thumb-that is definitely not what I'M into. And even sexual predator, a movie where the guy just straight off strangled these chicks with scarves- one accidentally died and the other pretended to die (movie was a big mind screw haha)

    I think I lost my point... haha
  10. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    I was just reading what Jay Wiseman has to say about breath play in SM 101. Most people assume that the primary risk of breath play is asphyxiation, and they assume that the threat can be managed by simply being careful to let up before the person passes out. There are two problems with this. 1) It's not possible to determine when someone is about to pass out. 2) More seriously, the real threat is not asphyxiation; it's a heart attack. Lack of oxygen significantly disrupts the heart's ability to regulate its contractions, and creates the conditions in which a heart attack can occur. This problem begins before unconsciousness sets in and can, in many cases, continue for hours after full oxygen has been restored. Thus it is possible for one to have a heart attack several hours after breath control play. This occurs essentially regardless of age or general health.
  11. Phoray

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    Very scary- I wouldn't risk quality of life for it. And have plenty of other fetishes to explore that wouldn't have those risks. ^_^ perhaps I won't explore that one after all.
  12. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yeah. That's why Wiseman argues that there is no safe way to do breath play.
  13. GTG123

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    I only enjoy breathplay as long as it involves smothering by female hands! :) How do you feel about that??
  14. pornodoc

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    i love when she shoves her panties in my mouth and chokes the hell off of me while riding me
  15. Goddess_Jessy

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    I do not like asphyxiation. This is very dangerous ! Once, I almost choked my boyfriend ...

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