Looking to talk to someone about a relationship I am currently in

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by this.is.me, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. this.is.me

    this.is.me New Member

    I am currently in a relationship and I would really like to talk to someone about some issues I am having. Since its d/s I don't think I am going to have the best luck talking with my friends about it and all my friends in the lifestyle are mutual friends of ours and I kinda just want a unbiased opinion. If you could just pm me we could talk on here or yahoo or something. Talking with another female submissive would be great but anyone who wouldn't mind lending and ear and an opinion would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. arely

    arely New Member

    suggest you that just talk with a pillow!you will not make it unhappy !Just think it like a person!
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    I think she wants a conversation partner who can actually reply. I'm not a female submissive, so I'm a poor choice, but perhaps you could say hi to one of the numerous female subs on the site.
  4. this.is.me

    this.is.me New Member

    Got some good advice talking to some people. Thanks!

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