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    I am Queen Lian, a slim, sensual but strict lady who adores being worshipped and obeyed. Treat me like a goddess and I will encourage your personal growth, punish you for mistakes, rid you of guilt or make you suffer for wrongdoings.
    I am a sincere, genuine and experienced MISTRESS. I am very honest and no stranger to relationships or play session. I am comfortable with my own likes and can play at many levels from mild to wild. I am patient and therefore would be happy to train someone with less experience. I have a good standard of living in a professional job and my lifestyle has to fit around that. Are you tired of serving GIRLS and ready to let a real WOMEN take control? If you are, then simply take a look at my pictures and you'll understand that I'm the women you're looking for. I'm a truly Dominant Mistress that's more than comfortable in being a position of authority. I enjoy taking control of others, men and making them do anything I want. Seeing someone obey my commands and submit to me is a thrill like no other. Even when I was younger my superiority was apparent and I quickly learned how to use the power I had over people to my advantage and amusement. As a minor example of my power.

    I have a strong interest in psychology. That combined with my sadistic nature is a dangerous concoction for you! Once i get inside your head, discover what motivates you, your weaknesses, your fears, your secrets...YOU'RE MINE!!! I love to torment my little play things both psychologically and psychically. I love to humiliate and emasculate them. I LOVE the POWER. Beware i am addictive. I am mysterious. I am like no one you have ever met...

    My Ideal Person: What I am looking in person :

    1. Obedience
    2. Honesty - No lies, no pretences
    3. Respect - Both ways...
    4. Commitment - does not believe in games so if a slave or sub is not serious in his/her desires to be submissive and serve me, don't waste my time
    5. Trust - You must trust Your Mistress to take care of her and not harm you
    6. Loyalty - While you are hers, you do not play with others - unless you have her permission, of course

    7. Discretion - Non-BDSM friends/workplace are respected
    8. Health - No diseases (including drugs or alcohol)...
    9. Willingness - To try things you haven't before and to learn how to properly serve me
    10. Fun - For both of the two. This might not include sex - if you are just looking for sex, you are not really looking for a Domme.

    If you wish to serve me message me on youmustobey69 at gmail dot cowm
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