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  1. tortureporn1234

    tortureporn1234 New Member

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    So, I've been into hardcore porn for quite some time and I feel like I've hit a wall in my collection. I've amassed ~250gb of extreme shit but I find myself not getting anything new anymore. I have almost every Insex, TG, Elite/Mood, Night24, FacialAbuse, and Kink video I want but past that I dont really know where else to look. Night24 has no site I can find, Kink can go fuck themselves on the price they ask for and so can Mood. Got every TG ever insex is dead I don't know whats left. I'm big on anything extreme as long as there isn't a large quantity of blood involved. Pain's great but blood loss freaks me out a bit. If anyone could help point me in a new direction I'd be happy to post whatever request you make from my collection. You name it and I probably have it. Thanks. Lookin forward to some responses
  2. WarezGod

    WarezGod New Member

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    It seems that you have a good collection. Its better to share them here. Make sure content is right. About new content, there are thousands. For this google is the best source.
  3. IamKira

    IamKira Active Member

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    I have a great collection of femdom too, but i cant share it here :/
  4. wants2fist

    wants2fist New Member

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    I can point you to some good fisting resources if you're interested.
  5. marchcat73

    marchcat73 New Member

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    Hi, i have a great collection of bdsm/femdom flv. See more kink bdsm video at Fetish BDSM Tube.
    Search on google "fetich bdsm tube".
  6. culture

    culture Active Member

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    I have also tube site with thousands femdom/fetish videos
  7. robbree81

    robbree81 New Member

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    There's a place that collects a lot of porn sites. I use to visit it almost everyday to find new material. Honestly cum porn sites is pretty known to be the finest pay porn websites directory. It collects the best websites very well and sincerely reviewed by the editors.
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  8. mccoy

    mccoy New Member

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    best-paypornsites has a great selection of porn sites. Here you can read hundreds of reviews about any porn site that you can think of!
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  9. pornguru

    pornguru New Member

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    there is a private torrent site for BDSM fetish porn.

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