Looking for new ideas for my Pet via Webcam.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Shasta, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. Shasta

    Shasta New Member

    Mm, so I'm looking for a few new ideas for my little lovely pet. >:3 You see, me and my lover, can only speak to each other via online / phone for the time being. But we still find ways to have some fun. Since he has a web cam, and a video camera, I've been making him do Degrading and humiliating things to himself, but I've seem to run out of ideas for him to try. Hes quite kinky, and always obeys me weather he wants to do what I ask or not. He loves being teased, humiliated, degraded, and even some pain. A few things that I have done to him, is tease him, get him really horny, and then have him sit on webcam for me, as hes not allowed to touch his cock untill I say. Drives him nuts, but he loves it. I just love watching him there squirming and whimpering to me. We also have a fascination with having him stretching his asshole as wide as he can, even if it hurts him.
    Theres been other things we've done. but they're starting to get repeative. I'm looking for a few new things for my pet, to spice things up, surprise him a bit. As I said hes very kinky, and never says no to anything I ask him to do. So I have myself almost no limit pet here. Anyone got some interesting ideas for him, from anything soft to hardcore? ;3
  2. hiiro

    hiiro New Member

    If you have a speaker setup with your online chatting, and can do voice, have him blindfold himself while infront of the camera. Lay down on his back so you can see him fully and tell him what you'd do to him if he's there. If he tries to touch himself, order him to stretch himself as wide as he can as punishment. If he doesn't, allow him to only touch the inside of his thighs the first night. Second night, allow him to touch only his testicles. Third night, finally allow him to orgasm.

    Orgasm denial is personally, one of the hottest things for me.
  3. PTs_Pet

    PTs_Pet New Member

    maybe humiliating for some or him.. video recording of himself using the bathroom?
    the tease of video recording himself while showering but forbidden from fondling himself? like you're sharing a sensual shower in person, he'll probably be quite aroused anyhow and aching to orgasm ... make sure he vents the bathroom (open doors, run ceiling vent if not too loud) to keep from steaming the lense.
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