Looking for names to call my wife. we dont like Ma'am, Master or Mistress.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by handcuff_freak, May 20, 2010.


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    We have tried all of these and she doesn't like them. Any other ideas?

    She says Ma'am makes her feel old, mistress is just weird for us and Master is just too extreme. Any suggestions would be helpful. I love having to call her something else. Makes me feel more owned!
  2. Sleepy

    Sleepy New Member

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    I have a running rule with my pet that she is to refer to me as 'My love' whenever we are somewhere near people she works with. She can do any 'pet name' basically, like 'My dear', etc, just as long as she doesn't say my name. Maybe you could try using that technique.

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    My Lady? Goddess?
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Your majesty? My queen? Beloved? She who must be obeyed?
  5. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    i think their an inherent quality in calling them goddess or my queen, try those.
  6. Boundperil

    Boundperil Member

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    We had a hard time coming up with names. I never liked Master for myself, with previous subs, I used Sir. This time is a little different, since my bride is my sub. She uses Sir at times, but most times she uses Buddha for me. It is also something we can use in public, I use Lovey for her. Actually, her full pet name is Lovey Lustful. I started writing some female detective stories out of it, will share on my blog when I get them done. It fits nicely since into my Damsel in Distress/peril theme of play.

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    Let us know when you decide!!

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    I'm not sure calling her a different name is going to work for us :-( She doesn't like any of those either. Oh well. We will keep thinking. Maybe if I sneak in one every once in awhile one of them will stick.

    IF: I will make sure to let you know. She may join the forum too. Not sure yet.
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    Actually we just talked about it. I am to address her as mistress. That's good since its the one I liked. *happy dance*

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    PS- did we ever work out what we're to call you??

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    HF, handcuff, Cuffy. Whatever you would like is fine with me.

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    I love calling her mistress! Its awesome! The other day she called me slave as a joke, but it was hot! I told her she can call me that if she wants to because I liked it. Its only happened that one time, but I think its going to be my new name in private! I sure hope so!

    I also told her about one of my fetishes that I've never tried. I never even thought I would have the courage to tell anyone, but I told her a few days ago. Surprisingly she comforted me and said we could try it. Have to wait a few weeks due to money issues, but I can't wait. My Mistress is the best ever! So understanding and caring!

    The other day after my punishment I couldn't barely stand up. (Hit with the belt in the butt) after she was done she helped me to the bed, got some ice packs and held me until I felt better. Mistress is very caring :)

    So far everything is going pretty well. A few minor arguments, but we talk through them.

    Still trying to get her to at least read some on this forum. I think it will help her out some. Right now most of her info is coming from me which isn't good since I'm no expert.
  13. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

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    Yay! :)

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