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    I'm 35, but told I look much younger. Most think I'm in my 20s. I'm 5'6, just under 5'7, & 135 lbs with long legs so I appear somewhat thinner I'm also told, but I do have shape to my body. Long brown hair, nice kept long nails, brown eyes. I love heels, I wear them daily. I am in a relationship, but he's not into what I am, I know for a fact he isn't, so I have never let on to him as to what I am into. He, nor anyone else would never even guess it. I appear completely innocent, & really, I actually am...for the most part.
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    would you like to be online slave on Skype videochat ?

    I'm searching for online female slave & I think it maybe good start for you because you feel shy.

    I sent you Pm anyway.
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    I understand your desires. I have just ended a Dom/sub relationship with someone just like you. She is 41 and one of my assistants, her boyfriend found our Dom/sub contract which caused her pull back, so that she can build the trust in their relationship back.

    I am a firm Dom that will require you to do as you are told. I will bring that inner slut in you out. Just imagine walking around knowing that you are doing what you Dom wants you to do. Won't that make your panties wet!

    Let me know if you want me to train you. We will do it via IM, email, skype, snapchat and text.

    Sir Daddy

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