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    I realize this may seem picky. I'm a blunt/straight to the point kind of person. so here goes. I just got out of a long relationship (2.6 years) and she was my 1st. I'm a switch, but i know I'm more a sub then a dom. I've just been a dom for so long, including at work. so what I'm looking for is a little bit. also I might add (just in case your sending pics) that I prefer athletic bodies, or petite. Health weight is ok. not into BBW and all that. (sorry ladies)

    purely long distance over internet or texts and such. I have a few items, i just get myself do use them on my own anymore. I think maybe if I had a mistress, It will be more fun and I'll actually want to do it(while not wanting to do it:)

    I understand this may be a difficult order and not what most people are looking for, but I'll answer any questions. I'd prefer to have them asked/answered on this thread so other people that may be interested can see what's already been said. keeps me from repeating myself :) Doesn't mean I won't respond to private messages though. I also have a new yahoo account for chatting [email protected].
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