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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Hi I am a 20 year old male who still lives with relatives but am interested in bdsm and am a submissive at heart. My main reasons for being here is to learn more about bdsm and possibly chat with others who want to try bdsm but are unable to because of their situation.
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    Okay, I suggest you read the FAQ to get some questions answered (it's under 'General BDSM Discussion, and you can read it without joining). I don't know what other answers to give you, since you haven't said what the questions are :)

    I suggest you make an account and post in the main BDSM section, as a lot of members don't check out the guest area, and we have a few who are currently not participating for the time being. But if you'd rather not, you can just ask in this thread, they both work.

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