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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by baddman, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. baddman

    baddman New Member

    I am a 34 years old Master from Finland and looking for a online submissive. I have been dominant for over 16 years, both real life and online. My main intrest is control.
    I want to own ones mind and make it sweet and obedient.

    If you are inexperienced it doesn´t matter, i gladly teach you to be mine in a proper way.

    At some point I also want to talk "face to face" online with webcams, and i am looking for a real feelings between two real persons.

    Send me a message if you are intrested.

    BR: Baddman
  2. baddman

    baddman New Member

    Still looking :)
  3. baddman

    baddman New Member

    Looking again :)
  4. cockstarved

    cockstarved New Member

    inexperienced,seeking on line master
  5. SlutBoy1

    SlutBoy1 New Member


    Inexperienced male sub here, would love to be yours.
  6. baddman

    baddman New Member

    Looking again :)
  7. baddman

    baddman New Member

    up again :)

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