Looking for a dominant mistress in Georgia

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    Hello, just joined today! A little bit about myself, i live in Georgia (usa) i love music and play electric guitar, i am twenty one. Not really a sports person but i like to play tennis.

    I have a big fetish for sweat which is probably why i have a big love for sweaty feet. Though I've never been able to live out my fantasy of a sweaty, dominant mistress totally owning and humiliating me. I have tried a few other sites but no luck :(

    I am not looking for anything like a serious relationship or am looking for anything sexual. If you are a woman who would love to have me beneath you, send me a message! I don't have a particular preference for age though i do have a weakness for older women in their thirties and forties:)

    I am in the Buford area of Georgia and i mostly work from six am to three pm and am generally off on Fridays and Saturdays. Let me know if anyone is interested in helping me finally live out this fantasy I've had for years. I would like to meet maybe somewhere publicly then we can decide from there.


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