looking for 18-35 years old female slaves in Los Angeles.

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    helloooooooo, every one.

    My name is Master Rainier, Asian, 27 years old. My expertise is japanese style bondage. i have place and tools for us.

    I am looking for 18-35 years old female or shemale slave.

    My favorite:
    Whipping, Bondage, Enemas, Anal sex, Anal plugs, Animal roles, Blindfolds, serviced, Collars, Face slapping, foot worship, Gags, Cuffs, Hot waxing, housework, Human puppy dog, humiliation, japanese rope bondage, Kneeling, Licking, Body Massage, Foot Massage, Nipple clamps, nipple weights, Orgasm, Phone sex, riding crops, Spanking, Swallowing (my semen/ my urine), vibrator on genitals.

    You could request no sex. just play the game.

    contact: fbdcrew@gmail.com

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    come on girls, i can pay cash for you.
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    still looking for slave.

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