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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by BondageFreak, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. BondageFreak

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    Hey all. I have 3 different types of gags. I have a normal red ball one. Another one that is shaped like a small penis but its inflatable. And also one that is round and hollow so you can make stick things in the mouth and its metal. My gf and I have been discussing wearing a mouth gag over night. Appox 6-8 hours. Is this safe? Which would be the best gag for that. Or what is the best one to use. Or a homemade one? (like underwear in the mouth taped closed, or just tape, ect)

  2. Smallest

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    Underwear in the mouth taped closed is not safe, especially left overnight. There is nothing to stop one from choking. I would also say not to go with the metal one overnight, in case whichever of you is wearing it manages to chip a tooth.

    Other gags are not advisable, but at least safer (you'll cramp up your jaw and so on, but are at least less likely to damage or choke). I'd go with the ball gag, they generally leave some breathing room, but it's still not safe to sleep with anything obstructing airways. At the very least, have someone awake to make sure the other's breathing.
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  3. BondageFreak

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    ok. And yes, after wearing the ball gag for a short time my jaw gets cramped. Thats why I was thinking of something smaller... any ideas? Thanks
  4. Smallest

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    Anything else is still going to be in the way of your air ways, so I just wouldn't bother, but perhaps a rubber bit gag would work for what you want?
  5. Tallest

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    Honestly, sleeping with anything blocking your airway is a terrible idea. You might not notice you're choking, and then you die. If you really want to do this, a scarf over your mouth (in a single layer) might provide enough psychological feeling of choking to make the scene work, without actually restricting your airway and killing you.
  6. Aibo

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    Open ballgag with holes, and yes the jaw do cramp until you get used to it. Can take a while, the cramp do after all come from you straining the jaw, so from what I learned that can be trained away.
  7. Mss Tara Indiana

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    Yes, of all the option the wiffle ball gag with the wholes in it would be the safest. And, whenever someone is in any kind of extended bondage, there should be someone else to monitor them and check in.
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    You always have to be mindful of breaks during a session, specially with gags. Your sub needs to have water regularly to avoid any nasty inconveniences, such as bad breath, gagging, and others.
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    Umm, common sense much?

    Years ago, I was fascinated and horrified at a website which had a very long and detailed article about people who had died doing the dumbest things. I mean, really really dumb. So dumb, that your ability to feel sympathy was hindered by the astounding stupidity of the people who ended up dying. None of the deaths in that article/essay were "freak accidents", it was just good ol fashion Darwin-Award type stuff. I wish I had bookmarked it. Some were almost unbelievable. You were filled with the urge to sceam "retard...what did you THINK would happen if you did that"!

    Use common sense!

    Sure, that seems obvious. But it's baffling how many people seem to have been born with the strange birth defect of having absolutely no common sense at all. How some of these people make it to adulthood, is miraculous.

    But getting back on topic. I remember a story about a robbery, long ago, in which the thieves tied and gagged the people in a house the wanted to rob, stole what they could, and left. Sadly, one of the victims died because they had a cold or something, and they suffocated because they couldn't get enough air from only their nose.

    Common sense, use it!
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    Sissyboy, this thread was more than two years old. Please don't revive old threads like this. Start a new one.

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