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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by PuppyPuppyPuppy, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Hi everyone, I'm back!

    I just moved about 6 hours away from my Master. So far things are going well but I've only been here a week. We have a plan in place to visit each other at least once a month and we send text messages to each other pretty regularly so I don't think things will suffer too much but I know there is going to be some strain on our relationship.

    Those of you with long distance relationships: How do you make it work? How do you keep things interesting? Is it hard being submissive again when you've been out on your own (my Master and I occasionally switch which may increase the likelihood of there being an issue... I also have permission to sleep with/dominate whomever I care to while I'm away)?

    Now, at first I was terrified when I though about moving, even when Master reassured me that things would be fine. I don't know what happened but somewhere down the line something changed in me. My Master told me that he thinks we can survive living so far away for so long, and I believe him. Whenever I get upset about the separation I remember that and it calms me down instantly. I know I'm a very lucky puppy and that I have a wonderful Master, I would just like a little advise on how to make this obvious strain on our relationship easier for both of us to deal with.

    Thanks everyone!

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    My Master goes on business quite a lot, usually to other countries, and every summer he goes back to Russia for a month (he wants to bring me with him, but my parents dont know I am in a relationship with a 36 year old and wouldnt appove of me going, and I dont want to start that family blow out. lol)

    We call all the time, he texts me or calls me to tell me to certain things for him. Touch myself while thinking of him, those type of things. We also Skype almost every night when he is away, and we talk for hours, and he usually has me show some skin ^-^

    I don't know if you are strictly BDSM partners with your master or if you two are in a romantic relationship aswell, like me and my Master, but I think if you keep comunication to a maximum, and think of eachother it will work out.

    But my Master never allows me to go outside of the relationship, nor would I want to, and I beleive he doesn't either (we are in constant comunication I dont know when he would have the time lol) He is extreamly jealous.

    Also, me and My Master have been dating since i was...well legal. LOL and have crossed the I love you line. So he sends me little emails, or cards, and texts telling me he's thinking about me and all that, and I do the same, except he wants more of "I am aching for you' 'You are the perfect Master' all that stuff. Anything to enflate his already huge ego

    (Think I'll get a punishment if he sees that one? LOL I do)
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    Master and I are involved romantically (we love each other very much and tell each other so all the time) as well and we lived together for a few months before I moved which makes the separation that much more difficult for me.

    He definitely does not want me to fill any sort of girlfriend role, however and is trying to break my jealousy issues by the two of us being with other people. I also understand that my Master has needs and just because I can't be there to serve him does not mean that he should have to wait for me to visit to have those needs fulfilled (I can say this but it is really hard for me to accept in practice). Basically he wants me to know that I will always be his puppy, no matter who each of us sleeps with outside of our relationship.

    He will be going to Burning Man next week and will be out of cell service but he plans on sending letters and/or postcards everyday. We are pretty good about keeping in communication but neither of us know how to skype (and his computer died leaving him wilt only a lappy that doesn't have speakers). I text him almost constantly and call him in the evenings when I'm not too much of a wimp to stand out in the cold.

    I guess that and visiting when I can afford to miss classes is all we can do... I'm really not looking forward to doing this for two years though.

    The skype thing is a good suggestion though. As soon as Master's desktop is back up and running (he is teaching himself how to build a computer so it could take a while) I'm sure we'll figure out how to use it and it will make things that much smoother. Thanks for the advice!


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