long distance slave - ideas needed

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by inchaosandriots, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. inchaosandriots

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  2. ReallyGreen

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    Does she have access to a webcam or a cellphone with picture messaging?

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    How often are you able to meet up in person?

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    I'm interested to know some more about this, too. I have an OL slave that is currently on the other side of the world with shaky internet access. He doesn't have the ability to use a webcam and I'm not sure whether he has a camera. I might have him get one somehow though. We can't see each other until May or June and my Master does not want me to do anything sexual with him then.
  5. MrAero

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    Well, have you thought about self punishment? If they are indeed submissive and loyal, you could try using safety clips, hair clips, or paper binders as a self-inflicted mode of assignments. this could be done over the phone, but preferably with a webcam. Also look into online reading assignments. I'm currently in a similar situation so if you have anymore ideas, please let me know.
  6. Deviant Mistress

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    My sub and I live 2 hours away from each other and can only meet up once every month

    I've just given him 2 assignments recently, the first was to write me a fantasy, which will press my buttons and not his. The second was, next time he visits a client for work is to go commando, and as I will know what day that is..... a few little reminders of me should hot things up :)

    Orgasm denial is also a good way of keeping your sub in check, you control as and when they cum.... and of course...... leaving them for a few days maybe a week will have them obeying your every word
  7. GreyMac

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    Have them check in with you (at a specific minute!) via phone call, text, twitter, email, etc. Mix them up. Have them recite from memory something you've written, or commanded them to write so long as it's kind of short. It shold be spicy enough that they won't want anyone to overhear.

    Make them go to a semi-public place and masturbate (Don't get them arrested - in some states, indecent exposure is one of the crimes that can carry a life time sentance as a registered sex offender)

    Writing assignments like Dev. Mistress gave her sub are excellent. Try one of 200 words or so every day rather than one long one, or hell, in addition to one long one!

    A scavenger hunt for kinky supplies for your next meeting.

    Give them a document that spells out a facet of your realtionship in some detail, make them get it signed by a total stranger.

    Men must wear a cock ring and panties all day at work. Women must wear an insertable vibrator or butt plug.

    Subs must have an orgasm while on the grounds/in the building where they work at least once during the time you're away from them. (you pick the day/time)

    Let me know if this stuff is along the lines of what you had in mind.
  8. Tarynsslave

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    Give them little tasks throughout the day. Often, my Mistress makes me call or text Her at certain times during the day. No particular rhyme or reason, just to check in and say hello.

    Require that her home be kept in top-notch cleanliness and to perform housecleaning every day. Ask for photo evidence =D lol

    You could consider purchasing a chastity belt and require that it be worn at certain times. If you plan it out enough, you could mail it unlocked, have her put it on (ask for a photo or other evidence if you really want), and keep the key with you. Mail the key at an established time for a release. (i dunno personally how that would work for a female chastity belt, but its still possible. definitely works well with male subs!)

    Make her purchase a couple butt plugs and lube. Even if its not your thing so to speak, you *could* tell her that you plan on anally penetrating her the next time you meet, which means that she better work on anally training herself.
    -On that note, make training a disciplined activity. Ask her to wear it to work or during the day, or to sleep, whatever floats your boat really.

    Require that she write to you very frequently, if not daily.

    Or, make it interesting... you could even ask her to make a list of small punishments for your approval and future usage (this one kept me pretty busy)

    Invest in a discreet, but still sturdy submissive's collar. Mail it out to her with explicit instructions regarding when to wear, how long, etc...

    Just a few ideas from the top of my head. Hope you and your submissive are enjoying your lifestyles!

    Mistress Taryn's Slave

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