long distance D/s ideas?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by UcallmeSir, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I'm new to the lifestyle and have started seeing a girl that has asked Me to dominate her. I've agreed, and we've met a couple times....I've tied and blindfolded her, used toys, clothespins, etc...but the reality is, we live apart and its hard to meet on a regular basis. I'm looking for ideas, or links to ideas, on things I can force her to do to remind her of her place...ideas, rewards, punishments...all thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

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    Yes, long distance can be tricky.


    Make her wear a butt plug into work. If she needs to go to the bathroom she has to get your permission by SMS or email. In your Skype session ask her to confirm she wore the butt plug. If she admits she forgot, or took it out without permission then you punish her (see below). Gradually increase the size of the butt plug.

    Buy her a proper lace-up corset. Set her targets for waist size and verify them over Skype (she has to show you the tape measure).

    You can stage an "interrogation" session, for example. Get her to describe a humiliating experience she had as a child.

    Self-punishment witnessed by you on skype. Check out some of the things that extreme Catholics do to themselves! Like self-flagellation.

    During the Skype session have her stand in a stress position while you eat dinner, or watch TV.

    She has to eat her food from a dog bowl - you can witness it on Skype.

    Buy her an electric dog collar. On Skype, get her to set the shock level, show you the control, then press the electrodes to a particular part of her body before telling her to push the button. The cool thing about these collars is that a little red light normally flashes on the shock unit to "prove" that the shock took place.

    Note - in the modern world we can't always trust people not to record these sessions then put them on YouTube if there's a messy end to the affair; so your slave may not feel comfortable to be on camera. No problem - buy her a slave hood or mask and she's now anonymous!

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