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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sparrow69, May 13, 2009.

  1. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    For those of you who don't know, My avatar is Dr.Horrible (Neil Patric Harris) from Dr.Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should, its free, and it's online. Go now (by now i mean after you finish reading and commenting on this site here...

    Anyways, He's a mad evil genius with devious plans. and that brings me to the title of this thread. Lately, I've been considering a kicking it up a notch, and diving more into my steam-punk and electro-play hobbies. While I tend to build my own dungeon furniture and toys, lately I've found myself designing an Electrified interrogation rack and a steam induced inverted water boarding table. I also want to build a cross backed chair that has vents that jet high pressure steam onto sensitive areas like the nipples, neck, underarms, abs, and inner thighs at the turn of a valve, similar to dripping hot wax only with steam instead.

    My questions are as follows...
    1) who here also dabbles with alternative stimulation?
    2) who here uses electricity?
    3) what evil creations have you other doms created or subs been subjected to?
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  2. subspace

    subspace Member

    Only one time have I been subjected to electro-stimulation, very painful (guess that was the point). It was on my arm and lasted for about 30 min. The worst part was me trying to predict when the next shock was coming so I could mentally prepare but of course there was no pattern. I couldn’t stand for several minutes afterward b/c I felt so out of it. This was crazy painful and I don’t know that I would do it again. Maybe if the shocks weren’t so strong it would be more tolerable but they were so strong that my arm would jump with each shock. Unfortunately I can’t help you out with what kind of device was used with any detail; all I know is that some type of electrode was attached at the top of my arm and one at my wrist.
    Happy crafting!
  3. Keeshaba

    Keeshaba New Member I've had some 'shocking' experiences, if you'll pardon the pun. They were not, however from any Master. They were administered solely by my own hands. At a job of employment, we found that if you touched one piece of equipment which was plugged into the wall and then touched another piece of metal equipment, it delivered quite a nasty shock. The first person found out by accident. After staring at it for a few seconds and grinning like a mad woman, I grabbed one piece of metal and then swiftly grabbed the other. With a loud, "Holy fuck," I released it and swam in my own little world for a time. LOVELY!

    By no means is it the only time electrocution has come into play with me, but it's definitely the most extreme. An interesting thought to use steam, though. The only concern I would have is that the temp would have to be perfect because on those sensitive areas, the steam could do some serious damage. Now...unless you can manipulate the temp of the steam, where one could start at a lower temperature and work their way up to it. THAT would be very fine, indeed. :)
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  4. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    I'm a very skilled steam tech.

    I'm currently working on a steam powered car and motorcycle, capable of being just as competitive as anything currently available.
  5. Keeshaba

    Keeshaba New Member

    Then no worries! Anyone under your hand would not have to be worried about being burned, I would think. You should put up pictures! :D
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  6. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    I plan on it, once its finished.
  7. Good luck, hope all goes well...
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  8. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    LOL! That made me think of "The invention" from the United States of Tara (a combination dildo/back massager thingy)

    If somebody can find a pic of it on the web that would be awesome.
  9. subspace

    subspace Member

    Ok I finally watched the clip on Hulu, seriously I am crying, it was too funny. Now I have to find out what happens to Penny!
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  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    no no no, theres three scenes on hulu or the whole thing in one. the whole thing is like 45 minutes long. I suggest you go back on hulu and watch the complete episode, all three acts.. it is so horribly wonderfully, funny.
  11. subspace

    subspace Member

    I thought there was more than one episode (I watched all three acts), like a series, hopefully there will be more. I was expecting to go back after I posted and watch the next one but realized that was it.:( I was hoping to see that Penny was okay. Is it just me or did the music remind you RENT? Not sure why but somthing about it did.
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  12. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    I love rent as well.

    as for penny, it was inevitable. the psychological foreshadowing of the scene in the laundromat with the ice cream (the onion reference) you realize was more about him then captain hammer, and he realizes that in the end with penny, and thus reveals his true colors.

    Thus is Me.... a many layered onion.

    And so you can be informed... they are planning on doing a series.... :) YEY
  13. nix

    nix Guest

    I love Dr Horrible (anything by Joss Whedon for that matter) but I never was much a fan of Rent. Give me Rocky Horror any day instead :D

    I dunno about the series... how will they follow on from that ending? It was good as a once-off, but I hope they can make the series good too.
  14. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    according to the talk, the series will be 4 to 6 web episodes per year, each covering a different diobolical sceme of Dr. Horribles. They will have all the same actors, give or take a few due to the addition and subtraction of some in different exploits.

    And for the record, I love Rocky Horror as well.

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