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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

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    How to make it

    1: Go to Sharedimages, Imagefap, Imagereverb or any other image hosting that allows you to generate BBcode for the images. Pick a gallery you like (Either normal or adult (+18) [NOTE: Adult is better])

    2: Download Imagegrabber extension for firefox, and use it to download all the pics of that gallery without going one by one ^^ (You can go one by one if ou want, but this way is fastest)

    3: Register on sharedimages here: , provide your paypal, e-gold or libertyreserve account e-mail to receive payments. You will get 0.5$ bonus if you register by the link provided

    4: Create an album (An album is like a gallery) and when you have created one click on add images; There you can add images by different methods: Directly upload images from your computer, Remote upload from another image hosting server or upload in a .zip file. Select the one you like the most.

    5: Once the images are uploaded you have to generate the BBcode clicking on "Generate code" (You can generate 3 different codes, I recommend using HotlinkImage because is the one that pays the most)

    6: Register on linkbucks (If you are not already registered) here: Then cick on "Create links" and select "Multile links". Post the BBcode there and select the type of content and the type of ads (I recommned using POPUP) and click Generate links.

    7: Now you have all your links converted into paying ones, it's time to post in forums and websites to get views. For that purpose I recommend the forums posted there: are also the forums recommended by sharedimages to post in ^^)

    What do you get?

    - Earnings for the clicks on the linkbucks links.
    - Earnings for the views on sharedimages generated by linkbucks links and also views generated by the internal traffic of sharedimages.
    - People will "steal" your galleries, getting you more linkbucks clicks with the associated sharedimages views ^^
    - If you numerate your galleries (Galleryname 1, Galleryname2,...) people who liked your gallery will search the other ones, getting you more internal and external traffic.


    Uploading your images to an imagehost before posting them sure consumes a bit time, but me, who has the WORST INTERNET CONNECTION EVER (20KB/s Upload) manage to do it. Let's see the payrates:

    -Linkbucks: 1$/2500 clicks (POPUP)
    -Sharedimages: ~1$/1000 views (Hotlinkimage)

    Posting on the first 23 forums generate ~5000 clicks on linkbucks links a day, 550 uniques and ~6000 views on sharedimages, meaning more than 1.5$ a day with a performance of 61% on linkbucks and more than 2$ on sharedimages. And I just started 3 weeks ago on linkbucks and a week ago on sharedimages.

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