Link Liberation: The North Korea Human Right Crisis

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    This spring, LiNK will send 6 teams of Nomads across North America to present our new documentary "Hiding." We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2011 Tour and are looking for 24 committed Nomads. The application deadline is November 30th but it’s a rolling process, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll hear back. The adventure is in your hands. Apply today before it’s too late.

    Link Liberation 2.0 to The Rescue

    Why They Escape
    Economic instability and continuous food insecurity perpetuated by gross government mismanagement of food aid has left 33% of the population undernourished and hungry; freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, physical movement and religion are prohibited; and over 200,000 "violators" are overworked, tortured, raped or executed in five political prison camps. In search for food, work and freedom, up to 300,000 North Koreans have fled to neighboring China through a network of shelters and escape routes, similar to the Underground Railroad of 19th century America. In China, over 80% become trafficked and children become orphaned or "stateless" with no paperwork or protection. As refugees must remain in hiding from Chinese authorities who will send them back, North Koreans flee again to Southeast Asia where they seek asylum or resettlement to safe countries such as South Korea or the US.

    LiNK's Response
    Beginning in 2010, we have committed to rescuing 100 more North Korean refugees out of hiding in China and bringing them to safety to our shelter in Southeast Asia, where they are protected and provided for until they are transferred to the care of free nations that will resettle them.
    To date, we have rescued and helped to resettle over 40 refugees to the US and South Korea. Learn more about our resettlement program here. Since the launch of TheHundred campaign in early 2010, we have rescued eight refugees – an elderly couple, four young women, and a mother and her 7-year-old son. Six of them are already in South Korea and two others are awaiting resettlement to the US.

    What You Can Do
    Watch and listen to the stories of these refugees who were rescued by LiNK. Donate toward these rescues or consider starting a chapter at your school or in your community to fundraise enough money to bring out one refugee. Each rescue is conducted from China to Southeast Asia and costs $2,500 to cover necessary costs such as food, shelter, transit, guides, paperwork and other incurred expenses throughout the journey. All of our field operations are run solely by LiNK staff and partners and as a purely humanitarian endeavor, we do not accept any form of payment from refugees in exchange for protection or transit.

    We are recruiting, Join Us Now &
    See You on the other side,
    Dan Thies
    Visit: For More Information.
    P.S Spread This Word to The Worlds, North Korea Need Your Help!
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