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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Sub4Life, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I am not sure if someone put this up, but I didn't find it on here soo...

    I live very close to my Master and usually go to his apartment and wait for him to come home from Work, after classes. When he comes home, depending on his day, he will sit in his chair and I will go to him and sit in front of him. He watches me remove his shoes and socks and while he watches TV has me clean his (sweaty) feet with my tongue and suck on his toes.

    I think the submissive nature of it is what gets us both going, but it doesn't take more than fifteen minutes before he's in the mood to play.

    Does anyone have simalur experiences?
  2. Well, my master and I have only just discovered this, well, the sucking toes thing. And we both really enjoy it, enjoy the tickling sensation that comes with it, and get even more aroused ;)

    My master does not expect me to clean his sweaty feet, as he always makes sure to keep every part of himself lovely and clean, but yesterday mentioned that he was really tempted to one day gag me with a pair of socks that have been worn continuously for 3 weeks! :eek:
  3. Sub4Life

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    My master stays clean for the most part, but it's degrading, but not so much that I am bothered by it. He takes good care of me :). Plus, he tells me that I work hard to look good for him, not the other way around, and in a perverse way it turns me on. lol
  4. master jey

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    nice i enjoy my babe's socks but she doesn't like mine
  5. Sub4Life

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    I need to tell Yavok about the socks thing. That would deffinitly excite Him. :)
  6. Sub4Life

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    Yakov...I dont know why I reversed his name haha
  7. Well, I don't know if I'm looking forward to having a manky pair of socks shoved in my mouth! :eek:
  8. Sub4Life

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    It excites me for some odd reason. I really dont know why. It's demeaning and degrading and makes me feel small. He loves things like that and I love to make him happy.

    He does it during more hardcore games though
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  9. Sparrow69

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    I prefer to gag my sub with her underwear after ive ripped them off of her, I've never really been into feet. I know that my feet can smell pretty bad if its been a hot day, and i very seldom wear socks so that's a no go for me as well, however, I do enjoy a thorough foot cleaning, and pedicures. It used to be a once a week ritual for me, but since we moved its more like once a month. It's probably one of the most relaxing experiences in the world for me, well, besides blow jobs, LOL.
  10. Miss Heather

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    This was something I completely didn't expect myself to enjoy. My boy requested we try it one day and it turns out my feet are really sensitive and having them touched/licked/whatever is a huge turn on. Seems my boy knows what I like better than I do. :)
  11. decoyicus

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    with my oral fixation doing almost anything with my mouth is turn-on but sucking my girls toes and tickling the base of her feet with my tongue really gets me off

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