Let's Define Pornography!

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Smallest, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Smallest

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    Another interesting topic brought up from class. Let's?

  2. Any image displaying genitals in a sexual setting.. LOL
  3. JettOnly

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    well from wiki
    so kind of really it is anything that turns you on that has been done specificly to turn people on
  4. TerribleT

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    Being a photographer, i would add that it kinda has to be recorded on some type of visual media.
  5. Smallest

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    The arguments brought up in class were from different philosophers, the main two being 'media that portrays acts that would arouse a reasonable person' and 'media made with the intention to arouse.' I guess it's a less interesting discussion outside of class

    The arguments on those were 'what about if they don't arouse everyone but are still supposed to be sexually explicit porn' and 'well, what about porn made with the intention to make money, or people jacking off to sears catalogue?'

    I disagree with you, t, on visual media. I think written porn is as much porn. or does that count as visual? (if it does, what about audiobooks?)
  6. sebastian

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    I know it when I see it.
  7. JettOnly

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    Well I wouldn't say any porn could turn on everyone. Anyone with an internet connection knows there is pretty varied stuff out there
    Porn made for making money is still made with the intention of turning people on - so it can make money
    As for the catalog, I guess it is being used for porn but was not made as, if you will its use has been perverted. But it could also be used as a fire lighter, or in a pinch loo roll, but it only makes it so when it is used as such

    Totally agree with written porn being porn

    What about a live sex show, lap dances, strippers? Phone sex? Pro Dom? Where is the line drawn?

    All my oppinions, feel free to disagree and debate
  8. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I think it has to be media, not live. But that's just my interpretation.

    And Jett, your argument about making money also came up in class, leading to that definition being the vastly agreed on one.

    Also, I agree with you, Sebastian, but we define it for the sake of defining it, you know? Other ones that are interesting are prostitution and perversion- especially if you look into the philosophical papers rather than studies. But porn was the one on my mind, and the most relevant here. Well, maybe perversion would've been, but too late.
  9. TerribleT

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  10. Knots

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    I'd define as: media (not necessarily visual, indeed) with the sole aim of sexual arousal, as oppose to erotica which can aspire to "artistic" merit.
  11. TerribleT

    TerribleT Member

    Nah. Written would be literal and i would call that erotica. To me, porn would need to exploit at least one actual being. Literature is erotica, as would be a drawing or sculpture....from my POV of course. Clearly there is still discussion on the subject. I consider pornography to be more then a depiction. It has to be actual visual documentation of a staged erotic scene.
  12. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Oh, so you're in the 'porn is exploitative' camp? Interesting.

    I highly disagree, and many other people who write it are constantly drawing lines between porn, erotica, smut, etc
  13. JettOnly

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    What if someone has a fettish that is statues? and the statue was created for the sole porpose of turning people on?
    What about a photograph of a shoe? A shoe and foot? a lady with the same shoe on - are they all porn or none or just some?

    What if the written work was a true story of someone exploiting someone else? Or how about a thread on a forum created for the OP to get off on (he would be then exploiting the other forum members)
    As a female I can say a well written story is MUCH better than some image for me

    Personaly I would say erotica CAN be porn to some people, just as some porn is going to be distasteful to other people

    It is interesting how different everyones views are tho :)
  14. Kor

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    The concept of "pornography" is fairly recent and localized - the British Commonwealth and USA from a century and a half ago, more or less. Within those areas there are wide legal interpretations of what constitutes pornography.

    Pornography laws seldom make logical sense. For example, an image of a naked woman is "art" if it's displayed in a public gallery; the same image in a slick magazine may be "pornography."

    Boiling things down to essentials, the concept of "pornography" appears to be some people seeing other people doing something enjoyable, therefore they must be prevented from doing so.
  15. Nuka

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