leather restrain on e-bay, which one should I pick

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  1. kenny1999

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    hello i want to buy a set of leather bondage restraint e.g. cuff, thigh band, belt from e-bay but I don't have any experience buying things from ebay. Many of them have similar prices and description, it is hard to place the bet so I think the countries of the sellers would probably be a good way. Which one should I trust? Which one do you recommend for leather products? I only know I can't trust China but I don't know much about the following countries.

    one claims from Toronto, Canada
    one claims from New South Wales, Australia
    one claims from United States.

    I still haven't checked all products on ebay, any further suggestion?

    by the way, I suspect that some UK seller are importing their products (or dropshipping) from China, from their photos and description. Do you trust UK seller?

    Thank you
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  2. Smallest

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    The best thing you can do is to buy everything locally so you can feel the products out and see how they look and so on in real life- or at least to go to your local store and check out the ones you're looking at on ebay (or similar).

    But regarding ebay:
    Buy whichever one (assuming they are all the same set) has the easiest shipping to you, and pay with paypal. If they rip you off, paypal will refund your purchase.

    If the UK seller is saying that the products are made in the UK, then don't trust them. However, if they just happen to be importing and selling the items, that's up to you. It doesn't mean they're crooks, important and reselling is what many sellers and stores do.
  3. kenny1999

    kenny1999 New Member

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    hello thank you for your reply. , but...

    Why if the UK sellers say that the products are made in the UK then I shouldn't trust them?

    I am living in a small country in Asia where no such things avaliable in the local market.

    I know many sellers and stores import their things and resell, but from which countries of the above , Canada, Australia, US, people usually have better quality so that I will less likely to buy shit actually from China
  4. Smallest

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    Well, if they look like a product that you know is made in China, it would mean they're lying. If they just say made in the UK on a fairly unique product, that's different.

    I don't think it makes too much of a difference which western country you pick, Canada/US/Australia are pretty similar in ways of quality.
  5. kenny1999

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    after more detailed research , i've omitted the one from US, he has no response on questions.

    I want to invest a big money on the Australian one, because his communication is very smooth and detailed, service is nice, but I think Canadian people are more honest, just an impression. But the Canadian one doesn't have lots of feedback and I am quite sure that he hand-makes his own products, but I am not sure about the Australian one. Australia is near China and other Asian countries.

    Since the shipping cost is high for both countries, and time is a problem. I will probably only buy the lump sum from one seller only

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