Lady blackmailed to submission

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    This is not exactly a Story per say, as it is an actual chat between I and a Domme I know since a few months from IRC.

    Enjoy the read.

    Session Start: Wed Jun 24 15:15:15 2009
    [15:15] <QueenOfHearts> hi
    01[15:15] <Thy_Lord> Yes?
    [15:15] <QueenOfHearts> how are you?
    01[15:17] <Thy_Lord> Am doing fine, Lady.
    01[15:17] <Thy_Lord> Can I help such a fine Lady?
    [15:17] <QueenOfHearts> I just thought we could chat
    06[15:18] * Thy_Lord smiles
    01[15:18] <Thy_Lord> We can, for sure.
    [15:20] <QueenOfHearts> this is embarrassing
    [15:20] <QueenOfHearts> now I don't know what to say
    01[15:21] <Thy_Lord> How old are you, Lady
    [15:21] <QueenOfHearts> 31
    01[15:22] <Thy_Lord> Looks like you're tired of little boys needing to be told what to do. You want a Real Man
    [15:22] <QueenOfHearts> it isn't that
    [15:23] <QueenOfHearts> look
    01[15:23] <Thy_Lord> you adress me as Sir, especially when those cheeks are turning red.
    06[15:23] * Thy_Lord smiles.
    [15:23] <QueenOfHearts> it's not that way
    [15:23] <QueenOfHearts> please don't talk to me like that
    [15:23] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a Domme
    01[15:23] <Thy_Lord> Stop arguing darling, just adress me properly.
    [15:23] <QueenOfHearts> understand
    [15:23] <QueenOfHearts> ?
    06[15:24] * Thy_Lord laughs and simply Eyes
    06[15:24] * Thy_Lord eyes her breast.
    [15:24] <QueenOfHearts> can you swear that this conversation remains between us?
    01[15:25] <Thy_Lord> If you take this dress off as soon as I swear, you have my word it stays private.
    [15:26] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not going to do that
    [15:26] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not going to do anything I'll regret later
    01[15:26] <Thy_Lord> What you'll regret, is not giving your body and mind what they want.
    01[15:26] <Thy_Lord> You can't know yourself if you don't explore.
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> I know myself
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> I also know that what I feel now is a temporary stupid feeling
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> it'll go away in an hour or so
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> this is not me
    01[15:27] <Thy_Lord> And come back harder in a few days, if you don't feed it
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> and I am not going to do anything undignified
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> of course not
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> this won't come back
    [15:27] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a Domme
    06[15:28] * Thy_Lord just reaches and squeezes your right breast.
    [15:28] <QueenOfHearts> no
    [15:28] <QueenOfHearts> look
    [15:28] <QueenOfHearts> im serious
    [15:28] <QueenOfHearts> treatme with respect
    [15:28] <QueenOfHearts> or im gone
    01[15:29] <Thy_Lord> simply admit that you are here to explore your submissive needs, even temporarily
    01[15:29] <Thy_Lord> And I will treat you as a Lady.
    [15:29] <QueenOfHearts> i dont know
    [15:29] <QueenOfHearts> maybe i am
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> i dont have submissive needs
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> i just vagueluy feel that way now
    01[15:30] <Thy_Lord> I do swear that nothing of our conversation will ever get out.
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> its no bigdeal
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> thankyou
    01[15:30] <Thy_Lord> Describe yourself, Lady
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> I'ma project manager
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> IT
    [15:30] <QueenOfHearts> I'm the youngest senior project manager in my company
    [15:31] <QueenOfHearts> I like reading
    [15:31] <QueenOfHearts> what about you?
    01[15:31] <Thy_Lord> I am a collection analyst manager for a car company
    01[15:32] <Thy_Lord> I feel you highly nervous
    01[15:32] <Thy_Lord> You ever went into this before?
    [15:32] <QueenOfHearts> into what?
    01[15:33] <Thy_Lord> this submissive exploration
    [15:33] <QueenOfHearts> look
    [15:33] <QueenOfHearts> I think I justwanted to tell someone this
    [15:33] <QueenOfHearts> im better now
    [15:34] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not going to explore anything
    01[15:34] <Thy_Lord> Oh yes you will.
    [15:34] <QueenOfHearts> no
    01[15:35] <Thy_Lord> Here's something I didn't say.
    01[15:35] <Thy_Lord> My word only applies as long as I have a contact with the person holding my word
    01[15:35] <Thy_Lord> Thus, if you walk away, It will be known. And I do keep logs
    [15:35] <QueenOfHearts> whatthe fck
    [15:35] <QueenOfHearts> look
    [15:36] <QueenOfHearts> dont threatenme
    [15:36] <QueenOfHearts> ill reportyou
    01[15:36] <Thy_Lord> Report me? What at worse I'll be banned from a channel on irc
    01[15:36] <Thy_Lord> while you'll still be made public about this
    01[15:36] <Thy_Lord> Up to you
    [15:37] <QueenOfHearts> look
    [15:37] <QueenOfHearts> let's part as friends
    [15:37] <QueenOfHearts> :)
    [15:37] <QueenOfHearts> no hard feelings :)
    [15:37] <QueenOfHearts> bye :)
    01[15:38] <Thy_Lord> If you don't beg me to not tell anyone within the next 30 seconds, addressing me as Sir in your beg, You will be spilled.
    01[15:38] <Thy_Lord> Counting now
    [15:38] <QueenOfHearts> look
    [15:38] <QueenOfHearts> thisis sick
    [15:39] <QueenOfHearts> please dont tell anyone
    [15:39] <QueenOfHearts> sir
    01[15:39] <Thy_Lord> again, woman
    [15:39] <QueenOfHearts> i feelsick
    [15:39] <QueenOfHearts> bye
    01[15:40] <Thy_Lord> beg again, woman.
    01[15:41] <Thy_Lord> Your choice.
    [15:41] <QueenOfHearts> please
    [15:41] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a woman of dignity
    [15:41] <QueenOfHearts> you're trying to humiliate me
    [15:41] <QueenOfHearts> stop this
    01[15:42] <Thy_Lord> you're a female. And you know what I told you to say.
    [15:42] <QueenOfHearts> it's sick
    [15:42] <QueenOfHearts> you swore
    06[15:43] * Thy_Lord smiles mockingly at you as I pull your dress down from your shoulders
    01[15:43] <Thy_Lord> I did, I guess
    01[15:45] <Thy_Lord> Good, I'll show this log to Dommes around.
    01[15:45] <Thy_Lord> and subs
    [15:45] <QueenOfHearts> no
    [15:45] <QueenOfHearts> theyll loseall respectfor me
    [15:45] <QueenOfHearts> ill be a laughing stock
    [15:46] <QueenOfHearts> please dont
    01[15:46] <Thy_Lord> Then take your dress off.
    01[15:46] <Thy_Lord> NOW
    [15:46] <QueenOfHearts> what did i everdo to you
    [15:46] <QueenOfHearts> whyare you doing this
    01[15:46] <Thy_Lord> Because you are a female and you'll know what it means
    01[15:46] <Thy_Lord> Now here's the new deal, and it's not negociable
    01[15:46] <Thy_Lord> I will stay silent as long as you serve me when I claim use of you
    01[15:46] <Thy_Lord> Is that clear?
    [15:46] <QueenOfHearts> sowhat if im a female
    [15:46] <QueenOfHearts> yourenot the boss of me
    01[15:47] <Thy_Lord> I am
    [15:47] <QueenOfHearts> no
    01[15:47] <Thy_Lord> And you decide nothing of it
    01[15:48] <Thy_Lord> Is it off yet?
    [15:48] <QueenOfHearts> whyare you doing this?
    01[15:48] <Thy_Lord> Because I can
    01[15:48] <Thy_Lord> Is it off yet?
    [15:48] <QueenOfHearts> I never did anything
    01[15:48] <Thy_Lord> Is it off yet?
    [15:50] <QueenOfHearts> this is sick
    [15:50] <QueenOfHearts> I can't do it
    [15:50] <QueenOfHearts> I'm my own woman
    [15:50] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a Domme
    [15:50] <QueenOfHearts> and I take orders from no one
    [15:50] <QueenOfHearts> bye
    01[15:51] <Thy_Lord> I told a friend Domme already
    [15:51] <QueenOfHearts> removesclothes
    [15:51] <QueenOfHearts> tellheryoure joking
    [15:51] <QueenOfHearts> pls
    [15:51] <QueenOfHearts> pls tellher
    01[15:52] <Thy_Lord> Naked now?
    [15:52] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[15:52] <Thy_Lord> For whom?
    [15:52] <QueenOfHearts> plase tellher youre kidding
    [15:52] <QueenOfHearts> fast
    01[15:52] <Thy_Lord> For whom are you naked?
    [15:52] <QueenOfHearts> pleasdo it right now
    [15:52] <QueenOfHearts> you
    01[15:52] <Thy_Lord> "You Sir"
    01[15:52] <Thy_Lord> thats what I want to hear
    [15:52] <QueenOfHearts> you sir
    01[15:53] <Thy_Lord> with proper capitalization, woman
    [15:53] <QueenOfHearts> You Sir
    01[15:53] <Thy_Lord> I told her it was a joke. Next time you bother thinking you control anything
    01[15:53] <Thy_Lord> I give her the log
    01[15:53] <Thy_Lord> Is that clear?
    [15:53] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[15:53] <Thy_Lord> Yes Sir
    01[15:54] <Thy_Lord> try again
    [15:54] <QueenOfHearts> it feels awfulwhen i say that
    01[15:54] <Thy_Lord> try again
    [15:54] <QueenOfHearts> i feel like shit wheni say that
    [15:54] <QueenOfHearts> please i don'twant to
    01[15:54] <Thy_Lord> maybe that's what you are
    01[15:54] <Thy_Lord> I told you what happens next time you refuse or resist
    [15:54] <QueenOfHearts> im a respectable woman
    01[15:54] <Thy_Lord> fine
    [15:54] <QueenOfHearts> Yes Sir
    01[15:55] <Thy_Lord> Good woman
    01[15:55] <Thy_Lord> Measurements?
    [15:55] <QueenOfHearts> whyare you doing this
    [15:55] <QueenOfHearts> i was nice to you
    01[15:55] <Thy_Lord> What are your measurements
    [15:56] <QueenOfHearts> 34-30-40
    01[15:56] <Thy_Lord> cup size
    [15:56] <QueenOfHearts> b
    01[15:56] <Thy_Lord> cup and squeeze them for me now.
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  2. Lord_Unknown

    Lord_Unknown New Member

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    [15:57] <QueenOfHearts> i cant handle this
    01[15:57] <Thy_Lord> You'll have to
    01[15:57] <Thy_Lord> cup and squeeze them for me now.
    [15:57] <QueenOfHearts> please lets stop this now
    01[15:57] <Thy_Lord> OBEY!
    01[15:58] <Thy_Lord> did it?
    [15:58] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[15:59] <Thy_Lord> And how did that feel
    [15:59] <QueenOfHearts> sick
    01[16:00] <Thy_Lord> when were you fucked last time?
    [16:01] <QueenOfHearts> don'tyou have any morals?
    [16:01] <QueenOfHearts> I feel fucking sick
    [16:01] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a woman of dignity
    01[16:01] <Thy_Lord> answer my question woman
    01[16:03] <Thy_Lord> Am waiting
    [16:03] <QueenOfHearts> a week
    01[16:04] <Thy_Lord> and you had an orgasm then?
    [16:04] <QueenOfHearts> no
    01[16:05] <Thy_Lord> Open your legs on that chair
    01[16:05] <Thy_Lord> least 1 foot between your knees
    01[16:07] <Thy_Lord> done?
    [16:07] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[16:07] <Thy_Lord> Trimmed, shaved, or bush?
    [16:07] <QueenOfHearts> bush
    01[16:08] <Thy_Lord> I give you 15 minutes to go trim it.
    01[16:08] <Thy_Lord> No whining
    01[16:08] <Thy_Lord> Just obey, and yes, am serious
    [16:08] <QueenOfHearts> i dony trim
    [16:08] <QueenOfHearts> imnot a bimbo
    01[16:09] <Thy_Lord> You are as I see fit
    01[16:09] <Thy_Lord> 14 minutes.
    [16:11] <QueenOfHearts> we can be friends
    [16:11] <QueenOfHearts> I can be a great friend
    01[16:11] <Thy_Lord> You're talking to someone else instead of obeying
    [16:11] <QueenOfHearts> we can help each other find subs
    01[16:12] <Thy_Lord> 10 minutes left
    [16:12] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not that kind of woman
    [16:12] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not even going to pretend to do this
    [16:12] <QueenOfHearts> I'm better than this
    [16:12] <QueenOfHearts> this is a sign of my feminism
    01[16:12] <Thy_Lord> Don't pretend, cause a lie will be your demise
    [16:13] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not going to trim it for anybody
    01[16:13] <Thy_Lord> Well here's your choice
    01[16:13] <Thy_Lord> you trim for me
    [16:13] <QueenOfHearts> I'm not a fucking bimbo
    01[16:13] <Thy_Lord> or everyone knows that you stripped for me.
    01[16:13] <Thy_Lord> Your choice
    01[16:14] <Thy_Lord> 8 minutes
    01[16:16] <Thy_Lord> 5 minutes
    01[16:18] <Thy_Lord> 3 minutes
    Session Close: Wed Jun 24 16:38:51 2009

    Session Start: Sun Jun 28 16:58:04 2009
    01[16:58] <Thy_Lord> 3 knows already
    [16:58] <QueenOfHearts> who
    01[16:58] <Thy_Lord> I'll tell you, after you got naked
    06[16:59] * QueenOfHearts stripnaked
    01[16:59] <Thy_Lord> You got so easy. You can beg for the answer, adressing me properly.
    [17:00] <QueenOfHearts> please tell me
    01[17:00] <Thy_Lord> ...Master
    01[17:00] <Thy_Lord> try again
    [17:00] <QueenOfHearts> master
    06[17:00] * Thy_Lord slaps your stupid face. laughing.
    01[17:00] <Thy_Lord> "Please Master, tell me who knows"
    [17:01] <QueenOfHearts> Please Master, tell me who knows"
    01[17:01] <Thy_Lord> Looks like you know your place, female.
    01[17:02] <Thy_Lord> What did you learn since we last talked, slave.
    [17:02] <QueenOfHearts> who knows
    01[17:02] <Thy_Lord> crying?
    [17:02] <QueenOfHearts> no
    01[17:02] <Thy_Lord> I just decided that I'll tell you when I'll be fucking you.
    06[17:02] * Thy_Lord undoes His belt
    [17:03] <QueenOfHearts> thisis sick
    [17:03] <QueenOfHearts> listen
    [17:03] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a woman of respect and dignity
    06[17:03] * Thy_Lord backhands your face
    01[17:03] <Thy_Lord> Apologize woman
    01[17:03] <Thy_Lord> properly
    [17:03] <QueenOfHearts> sorry
    01[17:03] <Thy_Lord> you know how to apologize
    [17:04] <QueenOfHearts> sorry master
    01[17:04] <Thy_Lord> Who owns you, woman.
    [17:04] <QueenOfHearts> you
    01[17:04] <Thy_Lord> present yourself, on your four.
    06[17:04] * Thy_Lord takes His pants off.
    [17:05] <QueenOfHearts> whyareyou doing this
    [17:05] <QueenOfHearts> i feel sicj
    [17:05] <QueenOfHearts> sick
    01[17:05] <Thy_Lord> Who is your Master, woman
    06[17:06] * Thy_Lord twists your right nipple.
    06[17:07] * Thy_Lord slaps you firmly
    01[17:07] <Thy_Lord> ANSWER ME
    01[17:07] <Thy_Lord> Fine, ignore me, more will know.
    06[17:09] * Thy_Lord wraps my belt around your neck, using it as a makeshift leash
    01[17:26] QueenOfHearts No such nick/channel
    01[17:26] QueenOfHearts End of /WHOIS list.
    Session Close: Sun Jun 28 17:26:53 2009

    Session Start: Tue Jun 30 16:55:42 2009
    Session Ident: QueenOfHearts
    01[16:55] <Thy_Lord> Slave
    01[16:56] <Thy_Lord> They really had a laugh
    01[16:57] <Thy_Lord> You know better than to ignore me.
    [16:57] <QueenOfHearts> I can't do this anymore
    01[16:58] <Thy_Lord> TameThisKitten, Mistress_Hurt, DommeDelicious those are who knows already
    01[16:58] <Thy_Lord> Want the list to continue to fill?
    [16:58] <QueenOfHearts> yourefuckingkdding
    01[16:58] <Thy_Lord> Am not
    01[16:58] <Thy_Lord> Do you want it to continue to fill?
    01[16:59] <Thy_Lord> Yes or No?
    [16:59] <QueenOfHearts> howcan u do this
    01[16:59] <Thy_Lord> Yes or No?
    01[16:59] <Thy_Lord> Yes or No?
    [16:59] <QueenOfHearts> no
    01[17:00] <Thy_Lord> "I am sorry Master for thinking I had power"
    [17:00] <QueenOfHearts> I am sorry Master for thinking I had power
    01[17:01] <Thy_Lord> Next time you leave my chat without permission, this log..the log of our conversations will be copy pasted in public chat
    01[17:01] <Thy_Lord> Is this what you want?
    [17:01] <QueenOfHearts> no
    [17:02] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a human being
    [17:02] <QueenOfHearts> I have my dignity
    [17:02] <QueenOfHearts> why are you doing this?
    01[17:02] <Thy_Lord> Repeat that apologies.
    01[17:03] <Thy_Lord> "I am sorry Master for thinking I had power"
    01[17:03] <Thy_Lord> Fine, you made your choice.
    [17:04] <QueenOfHearts> I am sorry Master for thinking I had power
    01[17:04] <Thy_Lord> You will be a human being when I decide so, is this clear?
    [17:05] <QueenOfHearts> I never did you any harm
    01[17:05] <Thy_Lord>
    [17:05] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[17:06] <Thy_Lord> Say it then
    01[17:08] <Thy_Lord> Say it "I am not a human being unless you decide so, Master"
    [17:08] <QueenOfHearts> I am not a human being unless you decide so, Master
    01[17:08] <Thy_Lord> Looks like you learned not to whine
    01[17:09] <Thy_Lord> Repeat it..but this time for real..aloud, so you can hear it
    01[17:10] <Thy_Lord> Is my female crying now?
    [17:10] <QueenOfHearts> why are you so cruel?
    01[17:11] <Thy_Lord> I didnt hear your answer to my question.
    [17:11] <QueenOfHearts> no
    01[17:12] <Thy_Lord> Who owns you, woman
    [17:12] <QueenOfHearts> you
    01[17:13] <Thy_Lord> again
    [17:13] <QueenOfHearts> you
    01[17:14] <Thy_Lord> You are officially claimed, woman. What is your real name.
    [17:14] <QueenOfHearts> claimed?
    01[17:14] <Thy_Lord> Answer.
    [17:15] <QueenOfHearts> sandra
    01[17:15] <Thy_Lord> Every single inch of your body is mine to do as I see fit, to obey my orders and never to break them.
    01[17:15] <Thy_Lord> You don't own it anymore
    01[17:16] <Thy_Lord> You understand that, woman?
    [17:16] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[17:17] <Thy_Lord> And when I order you to strip yourself in real, what do you do, sandra.
    [17:18] <QueenOfHearts> I do it
    01[17:19] <Thy_Lord> Am waiting for you to tell me its done then.
    01[17:21] <Thy_Lord> Done yet?
    [17:22] <QueenOfHearts> yes
    01[17:22] <Thy_Lord> You have 15 minutes to go trim that cunt. No whining, no question, no begging, just do it.
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  3. Lord_Unknown

    Lord_Unknown New Member

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    01[17:24] <Thy_Lord> Dont play with me woman.
    01[17:24] <Thy_Lord> I know you're talking to others
    01[17:24] <Thy_Lord> Apologize NOW
    [17:25] <QueenOfHearts> sorry
    01[17:26] <Thy_Lord> Go trim now. Answer "Yes, Master" before going
    01[17:27] <Thy_Lord> ...Fine
    [17:27] <QueenOfHearts> I can't do it
    [17:27] <QueenOfHearts> I'm sorry
    01[17:28] <Thy_Lord> You...can't?
    01[17:28] <Thy_Lord> an announcement in #bondage is in order then
    [17:29] <QueenOfHearts> I can't do it
    [17:29] <QueenOfHearts> it's too much
    01[17:29] <Thy_Lord> Go trim, slave
    01[17:29] <Thy_Lord> Or I'll show this log to every single channel there is
    01[17:29] <Thy_Lord> You prefer to trim, you'll even feel hot from it
    01[17:30] <Thy_Lord> Go trim that slit
    [17:32] <QueenOfHearts> I did it
    01[17:32] <Thy_Lord> Describe it
    [17:32] <QueenOfHearts> it's trimmed
    01[17:33] <Thy_Lord> How does the slave feels
    [17:34] <QueenOfHearts> weird
    01[17:34] <Thy_Lord> Open those fucking legs on the chair, your ass to the chair edge and arching your back
    01[17:35] <Thy_Lord> Look at me, sandra
    06[17:35] * QueenOfHearts looks at you
    01[17:36] <Thy_Lord> Admit it feels good to sit like this
    [17:37] <QueenOfHearts> whatever
    01[17:37] <Thy_Lord> Twist your nipples
    06[17:37] * Thy_Lord reaches down, rubbing my slave's inner thighs
    01[17:37] <Thy_Lord> do it for me, woman
    06[17:38] * Thy_Lord slaps your fac
    01[17:38] <Thy_Lord> Am waiting, sandra
    06[17:38] * QueenOfHearts twists my nipples
    01[17:39] <Thy_Lord> I'll fuck you today. As a slave, not a Lady
    06[17:39] * Thy_Lord starts undoing my belt as I watch you play with your tits
    01[17:39] <Thy_Lord> You can send me your picture, woman
    01[17:40] <Thy_Lord> It's an order
    06[17:41] * Thy_Lord takes my shirt off
    01[17:42] <Thy_Lord> Fine...
    [17:42] <QueenOfHearts> I'm no fool
    [17:42] <QueenOfHearts> I can't send you my picture
    01[17:42] <Thy_Lord> Your choice
    01[17:43] <Thy_Lord> Am writing in bondage as we speak.
    01[17:43] <Thy_Lord> You send, I stop.
    [17:44] <QueenOfHearts> stop
    [17:44] <QueenOfHearts> splease
    01[17:44] <Thy_Lord> Send
    [17:44] <QueenOfHearts> swearon your lifethat nobodyelse will evr see it
    01[17:45] <Thy_Lord> I swear on my life that nobody else than me will ever see your pictures.
    01[17:46] <Thy_Lord> Tell me what am looking at now
    [17:46] <QueenOfHearts> what?
    01[17:47] <Thy_Lord> My slave
    01[17:47] <Thy_Lord> And if it is my slave, I should see everything it has to offer, not some general dressed up picture
    01[17:47] <Thy_Lord> try again
    [17:47] <QueenOfHearts> what?
    01[17:48] <Thy_Lord> Show me my slaves tits, NOW
    [17:48] <QueenOfHearts> I'mnot that kind of woman
    01[17:49] <Thy_Lord> Look at the channel slave
    01[17:49] <Thy_Lord> You can always send what I require
    [17:49] <QueenOfHearts> I won't do that even if you kill me
    01[17:49] <Thy_Lord> Did I swear or not, slave?
    01[17:50] <Thy_Lord> Send it now
    [17:50] <QueenOfHearts> only one person will ever see me like that
    01[17:50] <Thy_Lord> You decide nothing, female
    01[17:51] <Thy_Lord> Send it now
    [17:51] <QueenOfHearts> do anything
    [17:51] <QueenOfHearts> I don't care anymore
    [17:51] <QueenOfHearts> I will not give up my honour for anyone
    01[17:51] <Thy_Lord> Guess I'll send that picture around with the logs then
    [17:52] <QueenOfHearts> I'm reporting you to the admins
    01[17:53] <Thy_Lord> Enjoy
    01[04:09] <Thy_Lord> Lady_Barb and also MasterOfSluts
    01[04:09] <Thy_Lord> Shall I continue spreading the good news?
    [04:10] <QueenOfHearts> why are you doing this?
    01[04:10] <Thy_Lord> Because I can
    01[04:10] <Thy_Lord> When you talk to me, you adress me as Sir
    [04:10] <QueenOfHearts> don't you have a conscience?
    06[04:11] * Thy_Lord backhands your face
    01[04:11] <Thy_Lord> I'll repeat
    01[04:11] <Thy_Lord> When you talk to me, you adress me as Sir
    01[04:12] <Thy_Lord> Shall I continue spreading the good news?
    01[04:13] <Thy_Lord> Leave and 2 new people will know
    [04:13] <QueenOfHearts> don't you have any morals, Sir?
    06[04:14] * Thy_Lord undoes my belt
    01[04:14] <Thy_Lord> No I dont. Tell me your name, woman.
    [04:14] <QueenOfHearts> I'm a Domme
    [04:14] <QueenOfHearts> you can't talk to me like this
    06[04:14] * Thy_Lord spits at your face
    01[04:14] <Thy_Lord> Tell me your name woman
    01[04:16] <Thy_Lord> Fine
    01[04:16] <Thy_Lord> I'll speak in the channel this time.
    [04:17] <QueenOfHearts> Sandra
    01[04:17] <Thy_Lord> Get topless, sandra
    [04:17] <QueenOfHearts> you're making me sick
    [04:18] <QueenOfHearts> God will punish you if you do this
    [04:18] <QueenOfHearts> if you let me be, I'll forgive you
    01[04:19] <Thy_Lord> Topless yet female?
    [04:19] <QueenOfHearts> we can part as friends
    06[04:19] * QueenOfHearts offers my hand to shake, smiling
    06[04:21] * Thy_Lord fakes to shake it but then just grabs her breast instead
    01[04:23] <Thy_Lord> Get, topless
    01[04:23] <Thy_Lord> NOW
    [04:23] <QueenOfHearts> why are you humiliating me?
    [04:24] <QueenOfHearts> what did I ever fucking do to you?
    01[04:24] <Thy_Lord> Fine, channel it is.
    06[04:24] * QueenOfHearts is topless
    01[04:26] <Thy_Lord> "I am topless, Master"
    01[04:28] <Thy_Lord> Am waiting
    [04:28] <QueenOfHearts> I am topless, Master
    01[04:29] <Thy_Lord> what kind of bottom are you wearin?
    [04:30] <QueenOfHearts> salwar
    01[04:31] <Thy_Lord> Grop those tits together now, woman
    06[04:32] * QueenOfHearts gropes
    01[04:32] <Thy_Lord> Who owns this Lady?
    [04:33] <QueenOfHearts> you
    01[04:33] <Thy_Lord> You are officially owned, Sandra
    01[04:34] <Thy_Lord> And as long as you serve me well, you shall keep your dignity toward others
    01[04:34] <Thy_Lord> You understand that, woman?
    [04:34] <QueenOfHearts> this is not fair
    [04:34] <QueenOfHearts> I'll find you subs
    [04:34] <QueenOfHearts> more than one
    01[04:35] <Thy_Lord> Of course you will, and I will still own you
    01[04:35] <Thy_Lord> It is not fair, not meant to be
    01[04:35] <Thy_Lord> Bow who owns those tits you are playing with?
    01[04:37] <Thy_Lord> Answer me slave
    [04:37] <QueenOfHearts> you
    01[04:37] <Thy_Lord> "You own me Master"
    06[04:39] * Thy_Lord folds the belt in His hands
    01[04:40] <Thy_Lord> So you make your choice to become public about it
    [04:42] <QueenOfHearts> you own me master
    01[04:42] <Thy_Lord> again sandra
    01[04:43] <Thy_Lord> Am waiting
    01[04:46] <Thy_Lord> slave...
    [04:46] <QueenOfHearts> back
    [04:46] <QueenOfHearts> i threw up
    01[04:46] <Thy_Lord> Say it again.
    [04:47] <QueenOfHearts> please
    [04:47] <QueenOfHearts> stopthis
    [04:47] <QueenOfHearts> im sicj
    01[04:47] <Thy_Lord> "You own me Master"
    01[04:47] <Thy_Lord> say it, now.
    01[04:47] <Thy_Lord> And don't dare leaving, you'll regret it
    01[04:49] <Thy_Lord> ...
    [04:49] <QueenOfHearts> you own me master
    01[04:50] <Thy_Lord> Again, but this time you will say it for real so you can hear it while toying with your bare tits
    01[04:50] <Thy_Lord> Tell me when it is done, slave
    01[04:51] <Thy_Lord> ...
    01[04:53] <Thy_Lord> Am about to copy paste your last sentence in the channel
    01[04:53] <Thy_Lord> in 10 seconds
    Session Close: Sat Jul 11 05:16:42 2009
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    I know I'm not supposed to revive dead threads, but this post is so hot!! I want my master to blackmail me too <3 <3 <3
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    what is the name of irc chat room for this conversatıon
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    stay at it at and good things will happen
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