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  1. mcvarij

    mcvarij New Member

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    My partner and I both share a kidnapping fantasy. She wants to be drugged, and wake up, bound, in a strange where I have my way with her. Any suggestions about what sort of substance can be used to make her unconscious for a few hours in a relatively safe way? I know this sounds like date rape but it's totally consensual.
  2. Stargazer

    Stargazer Member

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    Yes there is something... you see them using it all the time in kidnap scenarios in movies all the time. I think they call it Chloroform.

    Drop some onto a cloth and clamp it over the victims nose and mouth and they black ut after a few moments struggle and then they wake up a while later with a funny taste in their mouth.

    Sounds like an interesting fantasy. Good luck trying it out.
  3. Stargazer

    Stargazer Member

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    As a follow up to my last comment...

    While I don't beleive everything I read on Wikipedia, it does seem to raise some warning flags. It has been known to cause some health problems if not done properly by someone very very savvy with such things and may not be as good a knockout drug as perhaps film suggests it is.

    There's a line saying that while it is used in anesthetics and such, it's used in a fictional manner in films as a way to render someone unconscious without leaving any trace.

    Keep searching I guess.
  4. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    Yeah, do not use chloroform! Im studiing chemistry, and it can be poisnes and cause irreversible brain damage if not used professionally. Being unsconscious is dangaerous anyway.
    The fantasie is nice anyway. Could you two not try lets say just one sleeping pill? If you put her in a car (like kidnapping, "force" to take one pill and she does not struggle to keep awake it could work.
  5. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

  6. pain_fag

    pain_fag New Member

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    I agree. CHLOROFORM is indeed a dangerous material to use. I was employed in the chemical arena and worked as a lab technician in R&D for over 35 years. Contrary to seeing its use in movies, It is NOT SAFE!!! As stated above, it can cause brain damage. Additionally it has been proven to cause LIVER damage as well. If you have access to them, consuts the medial section of its "Material Safety Data Sheet" called an MSDS in the field to see how dangerous it is. Also it is a flammable material that is just, if not more, explosive than gasloine fumes.

    You can do a search for "Material Safety Data Sheets", or "MSDS" then consult the chosen site to see the one for chloroform. There are many such sites containing all the safety information you need for any chemical you can think of.

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  7. InnocentLooks

    InnocentLooks New Member

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    Ahaha, I was about to suggest the same thing. Or just give her a heavy sleeping pill or sedative. You need a presciption, sure, but we all know those aren't that hard to get. You'd just have to check for allergies and such.
  8. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

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    Yes! This fantasy is great! Do either of you have a gun? I've had this fantasy of master holding me at gun point and forcing me to give him head.

    Of corce, though, safety applies, whether you want bullets int he gun is all up to you. Also, you partner doesnt have to know that the gun isn't loaded ^________^
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