Kidnapping Fetish

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Rahul, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Rahul

    Rahul New Member

    Kidnapping fetish is again a big turn on for me. I love the concept of kidnapping my sub and take her to an isolated place where she will woke up completely unaware of her whereabouts and will feel her life in her every breath. I love to see that fear in her eyes, in her voice, in her every action.

    I have never tried anything as such but soon, but again for them those who are reading me here, don't jump and bump around with someone you don't know. Its a very very risky game and never be in trap, as we have many filthy sick people around in our society just waiting for our small mistake. If at all you wanna try it out, ensure you are with someone whom you know more than yourself.

    Anyway, i would like to know if anyone here has the same fetish, let us know a bit from each other so that once we execute such things we know the odds out of evens. I will shortly put up few more important points on the same.
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  2. shauwn

    shauwn Member

    I really love the thought of being kidnapped :) it is a very hot,hot idea, but as you mention, gotta know who you are playing with.
    And that, for me kind of takes the zing out of it, cause I like the feeling of not knowing my fate after being kidnapped!
    So likely this will remain just a fantasy for me........
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  3. Jaguar

    Jaguar New Member

    I guess perhaps if you had a friend of a friend who you didn't really know (but of course you've known your friend for a very long time and trust them completely, and in turn the same with them for their friend), there may be a way to set something up - the "kidnapping" would not completely be out of the blue, and you could have some sort of pre-determined password so you know that you're not actually being properly kidnapped. It would be difficult to work out though, and the last thing you want is the police crashing through the door in full armed gear after a bystander saw you being bundled into a car, only to find you strapped up taking a nice sexy cropping :p
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  4. How about making a video of the two of you where you each make declarations about what the scene is about?

    You encrypt the video file and each send a copy to a trusted friend.

    If anything goes wrong and accusations start to fly around, you both have access to the file and somebody who will give evidence that it was made ahead of the "kidnapping".

    The fact that it's a video should show that the sub is not being coerced. You could even film it outside (away from people who could overhear, of course).

    This would be a "last resort", of course, but it should stop any prosecution in its tracks.

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  5. bakerboy

    bakerboy Member

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  6. Salamat

    Salamat Active Member

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  7. bakerboy

    bakerboy Member

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  8. diyentomologist

    diyentomologist New Member

    Yeah I've had this fantasy. Also being kidnapped and having no clue as to whom was pleasing me turns me on greatly. It's kinda like the rape fantasy but u can't rape the willing.
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  9. bakerboy

    bakerboy Member

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  10. sickdude

    sickdude New Member

    illegal in my country
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  11. Modpar

    Modpar New Member

    feeling bad for you sickdude, bad luck.
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  12. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Unless you mean kidnapping itself, that is a bizarrely specific law.
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  13. bakerboy

    bakerboy Member

    I think he is joking :) or talks about porn
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  14. adika

    adika New Member

    Well the time has come. Mount up. Keep in mind that the intention of this experience is about creating erotic sensations, a touch of erotic terror, and fun. Make sure you keep it that way. Go to the slaves house, and blindfold the slave or sub. Use hand signaling. The more mystery, the better the outcome. Put the slave/sub into the car of van. Drive around a while, mixing up direction, sounds, emotions, Stay still and quiet. Allow the slaves mind to wander. Stop the car get out and walk for a while, drive by sights and sounds that the slave can not see. Actuate as many of the senses as possible. Touch the slave, pet the salve, breath heavy in their ears and sensitive places. Arouse the subject as much as possible mixing pleasure, eroticism and a taste of terror all in one. This will bring great pleasure to the slave or sub and will bring fascination, control and power to the Master or Mistress involved.
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  15. goldering

    goldering Active Member

    intriguing picture. wondering how it would be on!

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