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    I had been working in an office for around two months and i had a crush on this cute woman who worked in the same room. Her name was Karen. She was blond, slim, and had a lovely bottom. I dont know how it came about but i realised several years ago that i had a foot fetish. After a gruelling week at work i took the train home and i found myself thinking of Karen. Soon enough my attention turned towards the thought of her feet, which i still had yet to see.

    When i returned to work on Monday, i was told by my manager that a new person was joining the company and would i mind sharing my desk with Karen!. How lucky was I?. I agreed and later that day Karen was sitting opposite me. I wanted to see if she was wearing any shoes
    where her feet were visable so i pretended to drop my pen and when i went to pick it up i took a long stare at her feet, but i was a little
    dissapointed because she was wearing black high-heeled boots which covered her feet up. I did the same thing on the Tuesday, Wednesday
    and the Thursday. I tried my luck again on the Friday when there was just us two left in the office, but still no luck. As i picked my pen
    up, she spoke to me. "You keep dropping your pen an awful lot". I gave an uneasy laugh. I had an awful feeling that she could tell i have a
    foot fetish. I felt a brush accross my leg, i looked down and her foot rubbed against my leg. I felt my dick growing hard. "Could it be because you want to see my feet". I answered "no", whist feeling embarrased.

    She kept brushing her heel of her boots up and down my leg. She seemed to be playing on me, and would not believe me, when i said that i did not have a foot fetish. She said "Its a shame, because i need an expert with feet, as my toes need massaging. "I dont have a fetish,
    but i dont mind giving you a massage though". She thanked me and proceeded to put her right foot on my throbbing penis. My heart seemed
    to have stopped and i found myself breathing heavier as i slowly unzipped her boots.

    I gently pulled her sexy foot out of her boot and i almost had an orgasm there and then on the spot. I rubbed her feet and she gave out
    a little giggle. After about five minutes of rubbing her foot, she said that i had hurt her big toe by not giving it enough attention, so could i kiss it better?.

    I was in heaven and i started sucking the toe of this Chick. She then put her hand down her knickers and started to pleasure herself. I
    admitted to her that i loved her feet when i saw her do this. I asked her if she minded me masterbaiting over her feet and she quickly
    replied "NO!". "Why should you get the pleasure of relieving yourself, when my soles can do it for you". I could not believe what she had said.

    Before long her feet, toes and soles were rubbing against my cockhead. As i was sniffing and licking her boots. Whilst giving me a footjob,
    she was also pleasuring herself and before long we both came. She sucked my penis and drunk my juices and then i drunk hers.

    What a perfect start to the weekend...

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