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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by mepsipax187, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. mepsipax187

    mepsipax187 New Member

    Hey My name is Richy I'm 21 and I live in the UK. I'm about 6'2" and I have long hair. What I would really want is for a female Probably aged between 20-30 is to talk to me over skype or something about bondage. It's that I'm really shy around women and stuff and I just want someone to talk to about bondage (a subject I love/interested in) and stuff because with me, so I can get some confidence with to talking women. I REALLY wonna get tied up and stuff but that isn't even gonna happen if I can't talk to women. So anyone fancy just talking to help a lonely person out? lol. ;)
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  2. Perfect_Princess

    Perfect_Princess New Member

    Want to chat? Yahoo or msn first. I am female and from the uk, I thought I was looking for a female sub until I read your message.
  3. mepsipax187

    mepsipax187 New Member

    You know i completely forgot about this thread. I you want I'll PM you my MSN address.
  4. Perfect_Princess

    Perfect_Princess New Member

    Quick response.. I am impressed. PM me, got guests for dinner so I won't be able to chat until later tonight.

    In the mean time write down or email me what you are feeling and any thoughts you have, so that we can chat about it later. I like to read good English, with good grammar and punctuation.

    Princess M

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