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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by FormerMonk, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. FormerMonk

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    Firstly Hi,
    I have just joined this forum as I am looking for inspiration and perhaps a little guidance into the world of BDSM. My wife and I have always had an affinity with rope play and bondage, infact we go into that before we had intercourse. As it turned out our personality's suited each other well, I am the dominant and my wife a submissive, we both enjoy Rope play (I am slightly OCD with the way my binding looks) we also enjoy light pleasure pain e.g. biting, bare hand spanking, pinching. We have come to an wall, we want to progress but we are not sure how and our friends are not really the adventurous sort (we're not swingers though lol). My wife and I have agreed some terms that include no anal play, no fisting, no needles or other implements to draw blood, no scat or other bodily wastes and nothing that will leave scaring. Other than that we are quite open to suggestions.

    Many thanks

  2. RopeRanger

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    Welcome. Dig around there's lots of suggestions for new ideas and things to try.

    I personally like trying out new ties; like trying out a rope shelf bra rather than using a constriction binding. Sometimes I prefer the aesthetic look of a tie rather than it's value for binding or causing discomfort. I also enjoy roll play and setting scene that provides a "reason" for bondage and pain play.

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    Welcome FormerMonk.
    I hope you like it here :)
  4. FormerMonk

    FormerMonk New Member

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    It's a nice place and people seem friendly.

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