Japan's Miss Universe, "Mima Hiroko" 3P sex video disc case Full

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    【Video Name]: Japan's Miss Universe, "Mima Hiroko" 3P sex video disc case Full

    【Video Format】: MP4

    【Size】: 115MB

    【Video Time】: 22 minutes

    【File Type】: None Code
    Miss Universe Japan Hiroko Mima (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Miss Universe Ania A Yang Qi (right) at last year's competition site.
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    Pageant beauties are not so when the do? Miss California, S & P Ruiqin, self-timer over masturbation videos and photo events are not angry with everyone coming to the breath, which two days
    Immediately it came to the 2008 Miss Universe trials in behalf of the Japanese and the "Trinidad and Tobago" The two countries Huanjie, it has also taken a multi-branch co-3P
    Sex CD, and the time of last July, two persons to participate in competitions during the final venue in Vietnam shooting.
    This is simply incredible, the original "noble" beauty contest has become a den of licentiousness, we totally do not know who. Remember When
    When the Japanese Huanjie Mishima Hiroko (Hiroko Mima) and the "Trinidad and Tobago" (Trinidad and Tobago) of Huan Jie Anya Yi Qi Yang (Anya
    Ayoung-Chee), before a break through the barrier to the former 15, the latter one even entered the semi-finals, two of the same on stage shouting: I hope that world peace, are the false pretense, and
    Da Huoer now know, her real wish of both should be: I hope that the world 3P bar.
    Although it is not really known, this CD 3P sex who is leaking out, but now living on the network 4, branch branches are about 1, 20 minutes, the film feels like a continuous
    Drama, but was later said there will be more self-timer these three discs coming out of sex.
    CD-ROM The actor is Anya's boyfriend is great, I do not know how he slipped into the beauty contest hotel? Even in the room and his girlfriend engaged in, or even take self-DV
    Film, the most interesting thing is, and the Anja her roommates Mishima Hiroko, seems to have already come to know the purpose of Waite not only help out by shooting, but also take the opportunity to join the "battlefield," not
    Only with the Wei special "fried rice", followed by more, and Anja is also "fired" up, the whole room was like staging a "War of the Worlds."
    Following the former Miss California Prejean several sets of self-timer sex video circulating on the Internet, the beauty industry has further scandal. 2008 Miss Universe Japan Hiroko Mima beauties
    And Trinidad and Tobago Jiali Ania, with the latter boyfriend Waite intense 3P sex clips on the Internet quickly spread, beauty arising from the incident embarrassed, not yet
    Any reply.
    Mima Hiroko, and Ania, representing Japan, and Trinidad and Tobago, participated in last July 20 in Vietnam at the Miss Universe contest. The former top 15
    , While the latter participated in the semi-finals. Erotic film is in two-person race during the final venue in Vietnam shooting.
    Day after the sister film to join
    Although the uncertainty of how this CD out of 3P sex, but has spread to paragraph 4 of the online film, a total of 10 to 20 minutes, feels like the film series, and is said to
    Later there will be more self-timer 3P sex clips out.
    Fragment actor is Ania's boyfriend Waite, he sneaked into the beauty contest hotel, not only affectionate with his girlfriend in the room, or even take DV video camera self-timer. Most ironic of all
    Is, and Ania her roommates Mima Hiroko, seems to have already come to know the purpose of Waite not only help out by shooting, but also take the opportunity to join the "battlefield", the entire room
    Inter looked like staging a "War of the Worlds."
    Men and sexually explicit female db higher
    During this two women and a man very bold fragments of explicit, male replacement of a number of positions, as in the film a real porn movie. Fragment is currently circulating in major forums,
    Views are numerous, that online comments that, from the inputs Hiroko Mima high decibels to judge the hue and cry, and she was fully aware of what their doing, but man too, "energy
    "Too strong, several" war "is still full of energy down, it is admirable.
    Huanjie finals last year's world there are 170 countries live, attracting about 10 million viewers, resulting in the 22-year-old Mendoza, Miss Venezuela won Yanyaqunfang. The
    A loud voice before the game Miss Stewart of the United States, unfortunately, repeat the mistakes before the next Miss America, in the evening gown competitions inadvertently wrestling, moved into the top 5.
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