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    By Jean Frickle

    Emily was a beautiful young woman, just starting out on her own. She moved away from her parents, had enough for a down payment on a modest house, and worked to pay her bills. But suddenly she needed more money because of unusual expenses she ran into. The women she worked with were mostly jealous of her. She was 5'4", thin, had light brown hair and big brown eyes. The men all payed special attention to her, and this bothered the other women. Donna wasnt bad looking, but she was still envious of Emily. Emily thought they were friends as Donna acted nice with a professional courtesy.

    Donna found out from her friends that there was a private gym club which had women's boxing matches. She and her friends went to watch, and saw the champion, Josephine, besting another woman. Jo was a big,strong woman. She was a solid 5'11" of pure muscle. Donna and her friends talked and made a deal with Jo. Emily would get $10,000 if she could beat Jo and $1000 even if she lost. But Jo was to destroy Emily and Jo was ecstatic about it. There was nothing Jo liked better than beating a pretty white girl to total destruction.

    The next day, Donna told Emily she knew a way she could make at least $1,000 in 1 night. All she had to do was fight a match with Jo, who would probably beat her...but if she won, she would get $10,000! She was told that at worst she would get knocked out, get a 10 count, and get $1,000 for losing. It didnt sound too bad. If she lost quickly she could get $1,000 for 5 minutes of taking a couple punches.

    "In this corner",said the announcer,"is the challenger, at 5'4", 119 pounds, Emily". She had on a white sportsbra and white shorts. The crowd bood her. Donna and her friends were
    in the crowd,of course. "And now, in the other corner,our champion at 5'11", 160 pounds of muscle,Josephine". The crowd cheered and whistled. "This is a no holds barred fight...anything is allowed. The fight ends when one is down for a 10 count by the referee. The bell rang, and Emily came towards the middle of the ring with her gloved hands in front of her face to protect it. Jo quickly surprised Emily with a jab to the belly. She gasped but Jo gave her time to protect herself again. "Come on,bitch. Hit me." yelled Jo. Emily swung her right fist which Jo swatted away like a fly, and threw a right at Emily's left boob. She only had on a sports bra, and the punch definitely hurt her. The blood-thirsty crowd yelled for Jo. Jo rammed a knee up into Emily's crotch area, as nothing was illegal. "Uuuuuggghhh!" Emily didnt expect that and she fell to her knees. Jo threw a hard uppercut at Emily's left eye while she was on her knees. Emily sprawled to the ground, stretched out. "Get her up" Jo yelled at the ref,who lifted Emily by an arm. Jo threw a barrage of punches at Emily's soft belly as she backed her into the corner.

    Emily's mouth was wide open gasping for air. Jo had an evil smirk on her face. She held Emily's face over her left glove, and her right slashed across Emily's mouth, cutting it. She threw Emily in the corner and put her arms over the top rope.To the crowd's admiration, she pulled off Emily's bra, showing her milky white 34B tits. Jo took her time measuring and threw a hard right at her left tit...and a hard left at her right tit. Slowly and methodically, she threw punches from above, punches from below, and swiping punches from the sides. at her tits. They turned red as they jiggled. They started bruising and some veins came to the surface. Emily was in constant pain, and wanted to fall to the floor and end this, but she couldnt. Her belly was used as a punching bag now, with a few hard smashes to her cunt. She was getting her arms loosened, so Jo threw them back over the top rope and had the ref hold them behind her. The cried loved Emily's crying and whimpering. "More...More...More...Show her what you got,Jo...."The crowd catcalled and cheered and Jo responded
    well to her crowd. She threw a hard uppercut to Emily's left eye. Her head snapped back and when it came back another uppercut smashed her right eye. Emily tried to plead to Jo.."Please..."but was interupted by a left,right,left combination all at her right eye. Her left eye was blackened, and her right eye was bruised more than the left. A hard right to her left cheek, a slashing left at her lips, and a right straight at her nose had poor Emily bruised and bloody. Jo's strong muscular arms threw a hard combo at Emily's mouth...back and forth, as her head bobbled to the sides. Blood was shooting out from her mouth, her teeth being loosened. The crowd was on their feet. "Yeah!! More,Jo. Beat that bitch!" Jo stood back to observe her handywork and smiled. Emily's bloody face-her chin resting on her chest. Jo slammed a right at her left eye.When Emily's head bounced back her left eye was again hit,this time by a slashing left. A cut over her eye now, Jo slowly threw punch after punch at Emily's left eye as her head bobbled back and forth. Smash. Bam. Crack. Slam. The ref pulled Emily's hair back to left her face up so he could see the beauty of Jo's artwork. Her right eye was blackened, but her left eye was so puffed and bruised,that you could barely see the slits of her eye. Blood was oozing from the bruises. Her mouth was all cut and bloody, and her cheeks had bumps of bruises. Jo grabbed Emily and walked her around the ring showing everyone her handiwork. The ref gave her some water and smelling salts. Jo threw a hard right at her mouth again as a tooth was seen flying from her mouth. She fell,head over the top rope. Jo pulled her off and threw another punch at her mouth as she fell over another side's ropes. The cheering didnt stop. A hard left had her slumped over the third side. Then of course, 1 more for the last
    side. She let Emily fall now. They threw water on her and used the smelling salts again. Then Jo stood over her and yelled,"You think we give out money for nothin' bitch?" and she kicked Emily hard in her exposed ribs. Emily tried to say no, but Jo came down hard with her knees on Emily's ribs again. She stomped and kicked at her ribs repeatedly. More blood dripped from her mouth as a couple ribs broke. The ref helped pull Emily up into the corner. Jo stood on the bottom rope and held Emily's head over the corner post. She held her by her hair with her left and her right fist SMASHED down repeatedly all over Emily's broken face, battering her nose, her eyes,her cheeks, and finally let her drop and be counted out.

    Jean Frickle

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