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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by kinkycam1025, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. kinkycam1025

    kinkycam1025 New Member

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    i am a male sub and have been dominated by mistress's by them using various implements found around the house, i was wondering who else uses implements from around the house and what you use ??

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    Oh dear . . . it's quite a list! Shoestrings, clothes pins, cigar cases, electric toothbrushes, rulers, belts, candles, robe ties, sewing kits, medical tape (difficult to use on your own though =*( ) cooking supplies (wooden spoons, EVOO for massage mixtures). I'm sure I've used more, but those are what I can think of right now.
  3. kinkycam1025

    kinkycam1025 New Member

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    i am curious to find something my mistress can use on me for anal play, something different, do you have any ideas ?
  4. subspace

    subspace Member

  5. AfterDark

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    Not really a household object, nor is it an original idea, but do you have a car with a manual transmission?? My sub and I have had some great times on long dark country roads with the stick-shifter :p When we were parked of course!!
  6. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    Electrical cords. Could be extremely painful if you get whipped with those.
  7. Naughty Neena

    Naughty Neena Member

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    hello there kinkycam - just thought would post you a quick acknowledgement
  8. war1022

    war1022 New Member

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    i also like to use common household items as dildos on my sub. my fav just because of the name......a screwdriver. i have used every screwdriver in my tool box on her. it's great when working on stuff to know where it's been. just have to clean the stuffings out of it before you us it. boiling water etc..

    of course beer bottles, cucumbers, bananas, wine bottle that is displayed on a shelf. cucumbers can have a thin end and a fat end. you use both. they can also be textured with bumps. the bigger the better....the bumps or the cucumber lol.

    just be sure you clean the dickens out of whatever you use first.

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