it has been a long time since I posted any clips for Mistress Victoria

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    For those of you who have wondered what happened to A1 bbw sub slut/ Nurse Vicki or Mistress Victoria when I am in Dom Mode I been taking care of estate Business for my dearly departed hubby EDD who passed this march and my own health thanks to my friends family and My Doctors I am getting better and have restarted producing videos and photos in the bdsm fetish domain! I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and you will be hearing from me again! Thank you for the support all these Years! here is the most recent edited releases!

    A Blond beauty for Mistress Victoria
    Mistress Victoria 's Friend gives her a pretty Blond toy to play with! He has already tied the toy up in a big recliner with a spreader bar holding her legs open! Mistress Victoria really enjoys tickling this highly ticklish Gal! This one is so ticklish she will cum from it at times Mistress Victoria Has been told! So will she cum today with Mistress Victoria tickling her feet, under arms, belly,behind the knees!

    Sexy SSBBW tickle and spank their older lady friend who was naughty
    Elain was supposed to be Quiet during our photo shoot but she could not be still and kept talking even after multiple warnings So they finally did as they promised. They tied her up , tickled her and spanked her to teach her a lession. They also put their weight on her body

    Mistress Victoria is at it again! A Tale of her sassy Maid Lacy Socks about her socks and spanking her black clad ass for her ( avi)
    being a brat and refusing to change her slutty red lace socks ! Punishing her well with a hard spanking then making her change her socks even assist the silly redheaded maid !

    Eat My big fat Pussy my naughty Worm!
    Hes all tied up and forced to eat Mistress Victoria's ass then her Pussy as she tells him off and laughs at his wormy self!

    Caged puppy coming in a few days so check again for new clips!
    Thanks Mistress Victoria

    oops I for got to put the link http://clips4sale/store/31292 There are lots of previews each video has 2 Enjoy and tell your friends

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