Is the "A Submissive's Journey" website any good?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Roland, Jul 28, 2012.

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    It's a het site (so it has less that I'm interested in), and it looks like there's a lot of Gorean stuff on it, but my first impression is fairly positive.

    1) They're SSC. They emphasize safe words and respect for the sub.
    2) They discuss the difference between BDSM and abuse.
    3) The Dominant's Creed puts a lot of emphasis on the responsibilities of the dom, as well as the authority.
    4) They acknowledge a lot of variation within the community.
    5) The books for sale are quality ones.

    About my only complaint is that some of the articles talk about BDSM as a sexual orientation, and so put it in the same category as homosexuality. I think that's a misunderstanding of what sexual orientation is. But that's more of a philosophical disagreement than a sign that they aren't a responsible site.
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    OK, good to know. I am not at all into the Gorean stuff, but they have it separated from the other BDSM stuff, so that is good. My wife and I are both strictly hetero, so the lack of diversity in the sexual orientation department is not a problem for us. However, I do enjoy a forum like this where people of all persuasions can communicate. Thanks again for your insight, Sebastian.

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