Is smoking at a young age good?

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    my dream was that i would be on top of buildings and when i would jump off of them then i would make it to the next building on the other side. it was like i was gliding or flying, or just jumping really far. i was on the edge of this building and i had to jump into this huge basketball hoop looking thing and when i jump into it then i will land softly into cushion. but when i jumped then i missed it and i landed on concrete. the weird thing is that i didnt get hurt at all. i didnt even feel it. actually i think i landed on my feet. (when i jumped i was upside down so i landed on my feet cat style). but the building was so high that when i landed on my feet then i collapse on the ground. then i got up like nothing happened. i examined myself and i didnt have one scratch on me. i just walked away and said to myself that ill try again later. what does it mean?;u=5447;u=3575;u=30731;u=21988;u=1141;u=802;u=5280;u=91;u=136;u=991;u=7474;u=2550;u=467
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