is shit eating harmful for our body?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by lily14, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. lily14

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    I did not try it but I saw some clips which are about scat eating. I like videos because this is very extreme.However, trying needs much courage. Do you have any idea about its harmful on our body?
  2. Smallest

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    To put it shortly, yes.

    It means consuming a ton of colon bacteria that belongs there, mixed with some that does not- and most people have different 'ecosystems' of this bacteria inside them, meaning that injesting someone else's and having it pass through your system (which it will) can make what is supposed to be in your colon go wrong/end up in the wrong places and give you the bad effects of e-coli, or give you the symptoms that the other specific bacteria have upon one's body, or anything else.

    I'm not an expert, but that's as much as I know offhand.
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  3. sebastian

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    Smallest is right. Feces contain a whole lot of bacteria and other things, like amoebas, parasites, viruses, and so on, that are harmful to your body. There are many, many diseases that are primarily transmitted by feces and feces-tainted water (cholera, typhus and typhoid, amebiasis, campylobacter (bloody diarrhea), cryptosporidium, e. coli, norwalk virus, giardia, hepatitis, listeria, salmonella, and trichinosis, to name the major ones). All of these are unpleasant; most are potentially fatal.

    Let's assume that I eat something that contains one of these nasty bastards. My immune system might fight it off and allow me to crap out the bacteria or parasites without getting sick. If you eat my shit, you're going to be exposed to all of that stuff, only you will be exposed to the bacteria that were strong enough that my immune system didn't kill them outright. So eating my shit will not only expose you to what I was exposed to, it will probably expose you to the strongest version of what I was exposed to. On top of that, when I eat it, the bacteria is probably lurking inside the food, and may take a while to get from the food into my system. Thus when the food passes through my mouth, it's unlikely to get into my bloodstream through any cuts or sores I have on my lips, gums, and throat. But when you encounter that bacteria, it's running free in my feces, which means it can get into your bloodstream if you have any small cuts or sores in your mouth or throat. And bacteria in the bloodstream is usually worse than in the other systems of your body, because it can go anywhere your blood goes and infect any part of your body that contacts your blood (and in case you didn't realize, your blood goes pretty much everywhere except into your bones).

    Feces are always infectious; whatever bacteria and so on are in my colon will always be present in my shit. In contrast, my urine will exit my body bacteria free, unless I have a bladder or kidney infection. Urine exits the body sterile. As it cools, however, it becomes a good breeding ground for bacteria. So piping hot piss from the tap is perfectly safe to consume (unless the pisser has a bladder infection), but stale urine is infectious unless it's been refrigerated, which prevents the growth of bacteria in urine just the way it does in food.

    In addition to the considerable physical dangers of scat (as shit-play and shit eating is nicknamed), scat is also fairly repugnant to most people. Scat is a fairly rare fetish--I've only ever chatted with two guys who admitted to being into it, and my reaction was that it disgusted me so much I wouldn't even consider playing with these guys (and one of them was smoking hot). So if you do scat, you're either going to risk turning off a lot of people who might play with you otherwise or you're going to have lie to them (which in my opinion is unacceptable in BDSM) if the topic comes up. There are lots of people who, like me, won't even consider playing with you if you admit to doing scat.

    So my advice is don't eat shit.
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  4. lily14

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    Thank you smallest and sebastion for your answer. I thougt very closely to your opinion before posting ;)
  5. ezmo

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    Is it bad? Well, it depends on how you look at it.
    For example, most human beings have worms. I believe they are called pinworms.
    How do they survive? Because the female comes out at night, places eggs outside your asshole and goes back in.
    These eggs cause itching and might feel like burning which will cause some people to scratch (usually in their sleep). The eggs make contact with your fingers and can pretty long survive. Sooner or later, your fingers will make contact with your mouth and there you go, the pinworm's eggs are now back in the body and ready to grow up and keep repeating this proces.

    I'm just trying to say that there are a lot of reasons NOT to eat shit for the things that are in it, but some proceses are just naturally, no matter if you like them or not.
    At the other hand, shit isn't all bad. It contains a high amount of proteïns. This is also the reason why some animal species eat their shit.
    But, in the end, it's just body waste. Some people eat shit every day and grow old without a problem, some people eat shit and find theirselves feeling ill due bacterial infection. It all depends on how your immume-system works and how strong you are. If you are the typ of person who catches a cold quite fast, then you better skip this dinner :)
  6. darknova42

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    Eating human shit is bad for you. For all the reasons listed by sebastian and smallest.

    Some animals can and do eat their shit. Rabbits do, they have poor digestive systems and often eat their own 'pellets' in order to redigest the nutrients their bodies couldn't digest the last time around. Many herbivours do because their shit is mostly made up of undigested plant matter. Again, they eat their shit to redigest and gain more nutrients.

    The fact of the matter is that Animal bodies are MADE for this. They've evolved to be able to do this to survive. Lots of stuff that'd kill a human outright won't even phase some animals, like venom.

    Again, having said all that, let me state eating human shit is bad for you. However, some types of animal feces are not as harmful to eat. For instance fresh camel dung has been/is consumed as a remedy for dysentery.

    If your heart is set on eating shit then my suggestion would be to research animal feces. See if there are any species of animal that have feces which are safe to digest. This is doubtful imho because there are a lot of parasites that are transmitted via feces. So, barring that your best option would be a non-toxic food based shit alternative. You could consume that while shit is present(for the smell) to satisfy (somewhat) your shit eating desires.

    Again, I strongly advise against actually eating shit of any kind.
  7. sebastian

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    Animal feces presents a different issue. Animals carry diseases that they are immune to but which humans are not immune to. So a dog can eat its shit and not get sick from it, but a human who eats the same shit may well pick up something that the dog is immune to. (I think the same thing happens the other way--humans carry things that animals may be vulnerable to.)

    You claim that some people eat shit every day and never get sick from it. Could you offer a reference for that claim? I'm extremely skeptical of it.
  8. Smallest

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    The most safe would be your own, because you won't be as likely to have a negative response to the bacteria, since it's the same as in your body. But even that's not safe.

    As Sebastian said, animal shit is likely to be just as or more dangerous, plus you don't necessarily know what went into it.

    And just to point it out, just because the pinworm lifestyle is completed that way doesn't mean they're a good parasite to have. Lots of parasites that can kill you or destroy your muscles, tissues, etc are processed just the same, and obviously the logic isn't that it makes them fine to risk having.
  9. ezmo

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    Hi guys,

    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't promoting shit as harmless food, just saying that when you do scat, no matter how much you try to avoid risks, one way or another, you get exposed to some risks whever you play with scat or even lick an asshole.

    Nevertheless, as it looks like you people know a lot about it, I'm curious what you think of taking scat in your mouth (not swallowing, but spitting it out)
    I'm also curious about your opinion when it comes to taking shit in the pussy and the risks involved.

    Thanks for your input!
  10. sebastian

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    Handling shit is not a serious risk if your skin has no cuts or breaks by which bacteria or parasites could enter your body, and assuming that you wash afterward. But remember that your skin may have small cuts or breaks you don't notice. Putting shit into your mouth or your pussy is inevitably going to be riskier. Everyone's mouth has tiny cuts that they may not be aware of, and soft tissues like gums are more permeable than skin is (although I don't know how much more permeable). I'm guessing pussies are the same way. So while putting shit in your mouth and then spitting it out is probably less risky than swallowing it, it's still risky.

    Here's the bottom line: Shit is a very good vehicle for the transmission of infectious diseases. One of the best actually--that's why our cities spend so much money on sanitation, and that's why restaurants are inspected for bugs and rats. It's why you're supposed to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. There's no safe way to ingest shit, even temporarily. Doing so puts you at serious risk of nasty, potential fatal diseases. Even if shit turns you on, don't indulge that urge. Eventually, you WILL contract something, and there's a good chance what you contract will kill you or make you extremely ill. Not every fetish is safe to indulge.
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  11. prnwtchr

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  12. sebastian

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    prnwtchr: By definition, fetishes generally only make sense to those who share them. If you have a particular kink, you understand what's hot about it, and if you don't have it, you probably can't even really understand it. Some fetishes are broad enough that people can sort of see what's hot about them even if they don't share them directly (many people understand that power is sexy, and cops have power, so you can see how they might be sexy even if you don't fetishize them). But some are sufficiently outside the bounds of normal turn-ons (like foot-worship or force-feeding) or involve things we're taught are dirty or shameful (like fat people, shit, or piss) that it becomes much harder to see their arousal value, in part because our sense of disgust tends to get in the way. If you're not into scat, odds are you'll never be able to make sense of it.

    But it's important to realize that not everyone shares your particular kinks either. The scat fans might not be able to understand what turns you on. Because of this, kinksters generally operate on YKINMYBYKIOK, which stands for Your Kink Is Not My Kink, But Your Kink Is OK. The principle is that we accept each other's kinks and don't share them for having kinks we don't have. As long as someone's kink doesn't involve harming someone or violating basic rules of consent or sanity, I will accept their turn-ons even if I think they're ill-advised. If they are self-destructive, like scat is, I will tell them so and advise them to forego that particular pleasure, but I won't try to make them feel bad for what turns them on. We don't choose our kinks; they choose us. So I count myself fortunate that my kinks aren't injurious to my health (scat) or extremely dangerous (breath control, knife play), or involve violating consent (pedophilia, bestiality), or simply impossible (giant and centaur fetishists) because there are people out there with all those desires, and indulging them is a serious problem.
  13. NiggSlave

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    While i don't think I could eat shit, I love to hear "taste my shit" or "I should shit in your mouth" while rimming her asshole.
  14. sebastian

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  15. NiggSlave

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    I don't know if its humiliation, I just love nasty, disgusting sex talk.

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